Monitor All of Your Generators from One Location

10% OFF Wolter Watchdog Equipment only, cellular fee not included

Install the Wolter Watchdog (Wolter's generator monitoring device) to track the status of one to multiple generators all from one location through the free to use Power Link app.
  • Sends text and email notifications for activity reports
  • Tracks stationary and mobile generators
  • Alerts for
    • Generator Running
    • Generator Fail
    • Not in Automatic Mode
    • and more!
  • Automated GPS Location tracking available for mobile units regardless of brand, size, or age
  • Real time map showing current status of all generators
  • Easily group locations or equipment together
  • Remote Start/Stop commands with automated scheduling for exercise

How Does It Work?

The Wolter Watchdog uses LTE cellular data to send event activity and receive commands. The generator monitor is installed using its custom wire harness. Once an event is detected, it is sent out as an alert via email and/or text to an unlimited number of recipients.

Track the Status of Your Generators and Request a quote today!