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Fast Picking Keeps the Household Running

When an appliance breaks down, clothes don’t get washed, dishes don’t get cleaned, and food doesn’t get cooked. Consumers need a solution fast. Whether they call a service or try to fix it themselves, PDQ Supply, Inc ensures the proper part get into the right hands.

PDQ Supply Inc., located in St. Charles, IL, is a family-owned and operated distributor specializing in wholesale appliance repair parts. With over 7,000 parts and fast shipping, PDQ Supply ensures its customers get back to everyday life.

To service customers, PDQ Supply 2013 moved from its warehouse in Batavia, IL, to a 50,000 sq ft facility in St. Charles, IL, to accommodate its growing Internet customer base. To meet the demands for same-day shipping,

PDQ Supply had to figure out a way to pick up the order, bag it, bar code it…faster. It was up to Oscar Davila, Chief of Operations Officer, to make it happen. But How?

Strength in a Compact Size

PDQ Supply used ladders to manually pick parts high up on the racking system. Even though it worked, ladders were slow, cumbersome, and unsafe to move and use, especially when hand-carrying parts. Automation was brought in using a work assist vehicle, a solution traditionally used in retail stores. The automation increased order picking, though it was better suited for light-duty work.

PDQ called upon Wolter for the best automation solution for their application. With having narrow aisles, the solution needed to increase picking speed, safety, and maneuverability. Wolter evaluated the warehouse conditions and worker needs and recommended Big Joe’s J1 Joey, a compact electric task support vehicle that combines an elevating work platform, order picker, and tugger. PDQ Supply employees found the J1 Joey units quick and easy to learn.

“We’ve increased our order picking by 30% with the J1 Joey. We can pick faster, safer, and workers don’t get as tired as they used to,” explains Oscar Davila, Chief Operations Officer.


In just 4-years, PDQ Supply maximized its 50,000 sq ft facility and needed to expand again. The 15,000 sq ft. warehouse next to their current facility was available, and PDQ Supply quickly secured the space. Once again, the Company turned to Wolter for storage solutions.

Specialists from Wolter's Industrial Strage and Handling Group came in to design and deliver a high-density selective storage racking system.

The team of specialists provided a 48” deep x 144” high pallet racking system in order to take full advantage of the building’s vertical space.

Keep It Clean

As you can imagine, there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic, forklift traffic and carts throughout the facility, starting at 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. How does the facility stay so clean?

PDQ Supply purchased a Powerboss Admiral scrubber from Wolter. The scrubber is the smallest and most compact industrial scrubber on the market and a perfect solution for both PDQ Supply warehouses.

The Powerboss Admiral scrubber design fits comfortably in narrow aisles and maneuvers around tight corners for a complete clean.

Through this combination of Wolter solutions and services, PDQ can focus on the productivity of their production, people and growth.

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PDQ Supply, Inc. Case Study

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