Dock Equipment

Wolter provides you with innovative, safe and reliable loading dock equipment through a variety of trusted partners and brands. 

  • Dock Seals & Shelters
  • Loading Dock Lifts
  • Vehicle Restraints
  • Dock Levelers 
  • Dock Accessories

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Thumbnail for Dock Seals & Shelters
Thumbnail for Dock Seals & Shelters
Thumbnail for Dock Seals & Shelters
Thumbnail for Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Seals & Shelters

Loading dock seals and shelters prevent rain and snow from getting into your facility, which can cause damage to your facility and products within. The dock seals and shelter keep dust, dirt, and other debris out.

How Dock Seals Work - The trailer compresses into the dock seal when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumper, forming a 'seal' around the side of the trailer.

How Dock Shelters Work - The side and top curtain provide shelter like wiper action to keep the weather out, while the raked header allows for water run-off

Thumbnail for Loading Dock Levelers
Thumbnail for Loading Dock Levelers

Loading Dock Levelers

Dock levelers provide an easy way to correct the height difference between a dock and trailer bed. 

How Dock Levelers Work: The leveler is positioned by lifting and pulling the handle to the dock floor. The latch assembly activates the lip, projecting it forward onto the trailer bed as the handle lifts. 

When released, the handle automatically returns to its stored position. 

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Vehicle Restraints 

The loading dock is a high-risk area for on-the-job accidents with leading causes including premature departure, trailer creep, and dock walk. This is why OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178(k) (1) stipulates that all trucks must be restrained throughout loading and unloading operations.

Vehicle restraints enhance loading dock safety by latching onto the trailer and keeping them from detaching from the dock during loading and unloading.

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Loading Dock Lifts

Save on the high cost of loading dock construction with loading dock lifts. These hydraulic scissor lift dock lifts can install indoors or outdoors, pit mounted, or surface mounted. 

Pit Mounted Dock Lifts - Built for safety and durability. Solid steel scissors provide excellent stability, and the steel tread plate on running surfaces ensures safe footing. 

Surface Mounted Dock Lifts - Turn any concrete surface into a loading dock with the capability of lifting to 5,000 lbs.

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Loading Dock Accessories
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Loading Dock Accessories
Thumbnail for Loading Dock Accessories
Thumbnail for Loading Dock Accessories

Loading Dock Accessories

Dock Bumpers - Protect against the heavy impact and damaging results of trailers, and made with all weather, abrasion resistant rubber. 

Loading Dock Lights - Minimize fright damage while expediting loading an unloading operations, inside trucks or around dock area. 

Hydraulic Truck Dock Scissor Lift Accessories - Includes warning beeper and strobe, split steel bridge and approach ramps.

Loading Dock Lighting Systems - Includes green/red lights to communicate with forklift traffic and truck trailer operators.

Wheel Chocks - A wedge of sturdy material placed under wheels to secure the vehicle while loading or unloading, preventing any accidental movement.


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