Storing inventory close to your production lines is vital to the continuous manufacturing process. Work in process utilizes inventory levels that support the smooth operation of your facility. Wolter’s Industrial Storage & Handling group has the right FIFO inventory control solutions that minimize unnecessary inventory while maximizing production.

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Vertical Storage Systems

Regardless of product size, automated vertical storage systems keep inventory close. By utilizing the ‘no-cost’ vertical space above, you can now maximize floor space by storing everything from pallets to small parts right at your fingertips. Save time with shorter travel routes by integrating vertical lifts into your processes.

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Flow Rack Systems

The Flow Rack system contains flow rails situated on an incline so as items are removed and utilized in the manufacturing process, the next items in line take their place. This type of system saves time and energy moving large, heavy items and saves on electricity by using the natural forces of gravity to easily move items. 

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Pushback Pallet Racks

Another effective solution for your Work in Progress facility is the Pushback Rack System. The pushback system allows you to store up to 5 pallets deep keeping your aisles clear and maintaining complete access to all of your products. 

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Automated Guided Vehicles

Ensuring delivery to production, on time, every time is what  Automated Guided Vehicles AGVs are all about. The fully mobile robot can be automated to deliver goods to production at scheduled times, manually, or can be initiated with a simple click of a button. 

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Conveyor Systems

Utilizing free and empty space to transport goods horizontally, vertically and on inclines is the specialty of conveyors. Products can travel short or long distances ensuring their final destination by merging, diverting or accumulating products along the way. Connect challenging to simple areas to ensure products are delivered exactly when production needs them.

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