Assembly plants are the most common methods for assembling complex items, equipment and other goods. As a result, they are constantly searching for new or better ways to store, pick, and deliver to the workstation.

Wolter specializes in maximizing the storage and retrieval process in order to streamline the process for a fast, efficient and cost-effective system. Below are the most popular methods used to improve assembly plant storage and delivery methods.

Vertical Storage Carousel Click to open image within a modal
Vertical Storage Carousel Click to open image within a modal
Thumbnail for Vertical Storage Carousel
Thumbnail for Vertical Storage Carousel

Vertical Storage Carousels

This flexible storage unit allows for 60% more storage than conventional racking systems or mini-loads with the same footprint. Each storage layer on the vertical storage carousel has the flexibility to add or subtract shelves and make each space as large or small as your assembly needs. 

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Long Goods Vertical Storage Carousels

When large items are part of your assembly process, a long goods storage system can help ensure a continuous supply of product. Carpet, cylinders, tires, wire spools, bar stock and other large, heavy goods can be accessed with an automatic retrieval system allowing minimal efforts for the worker to use in the assembly process.  

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Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift modules enables faster and more efficient picking for assembly lines. At the touch of a button, the vertically stored shelves within the unit bring the required parts automatically to an ergonomic retrieval height, bringing goods to the person.

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Conveyor Systems

Keep your assembly process on the move with conveyor systems. Transport goods horizontally, vertically, and on inclines to get products where you need them, when you need them.  

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Thumbnail for Lift & Tilt Table
Thumbnail for Lift & Tilt Table

Lift & Tilt Tables

Use lift tables where hands-on assembly is a must. Lift tables enable each worker to adjust the height of the flat surface so work can be done comfortably and ergonomically.

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Flow Rack Systems

Large items can now replenish quickly and easily as items are removed from the racking structure. By using flow rails, large, heavy product rolls on an incline taking the place of the removed product. 

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Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided vehicles are ideal for moving products on an assembly line or transporting goods to an assembly cell. AGV’s can take the place of traditional conveyors and prove to be far cleaner, quieter, more flexible and easier to install vs conveyor systems. 

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