Dock Leveler Maintenance

Dock Leveler Maintenance: Don't Overlook These Critical Issues

Mechanical or hydraulic, your dock leveler plays a vital role in your operations. However, certain problems can't be brushed aside. Lip malfunctions, strange noises, and plate warping are signs that demand immediate attention.
Recognize the Signs:
  1. Visible rust
  2. Unusual noises during operation
  3. Lip failure to descend.
  4. Incomplete lip extension or inability to stay extended.
  5. Bent or cracked lip
  6. Damaged beam welds
  7. Warped deck plate
  8. Plate lifting when driven over.
  9. Mechanical leveler failing to rise with chain pull.
The Question of Repair: You might wonder, "Is it necessary to repair a seemingly functional dock leveler?" A valid question, but consider this instead: "When can I afford to be without a dock leveler for potentially weeks?" It might sound direct, but here's the reality:
Damage Unseen: Even if your dock leveler hasn't been in an apparent collision, internal damage can still lurk. Left unattended, these issues escalate, rendering the leveler irreparable over time (a scenario we come across frequently). Acquiring a new dock leveler can mean a lead time of 6-8 weeks.
Proactive Approach: Even without a collision, it's wise to have your leveler checked. Swift resolutions to minor problems drastically reduce the risk of long-term complications. This diligence can extend the lifespan of your dock leveler to match that of the very building it serves.
The loading dock experts at Wolter Inc, can quickly uncover the root problem and, in most cases, fix the problem in a single visit.

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