Wolter corporate storage solutions are designed to both maximize your existing space and be reconfigurable to grow and adapt as your business, employees and projects change. Wolter offers proven corporate storage solutions for:

  • Records Management
  • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Mailroom & Copy Centers
  • Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Archive, Corporate Library & Legal
  • Office Supplies
  • Vending & Food Service
  • Dock, Warehouse & Closets
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Save time, space and energy getting to your critical files and boxes with a high-density mobile storage system.

Many departments within an office environment need more space to store active files, archival files, boxes, supplies and more. However, the cost of storage and floor space can make budgets out of control. Using a high-density mobile storage system gives you the storage space you need in an economical, compact environment, to quickly access files, boxes and more.

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Rotary storage cabinets, also known as “times two cabinets,” provide filing functionality on a turntable, similar to a Lazy Susan. A single rotary storage cabinet unit can hold up to three regular lateral files in far less space. Imagine the storage space when using multiple units!

Key features of rotary storage cabinets:

  • Can be positioned up against a wall or used as a room divider
  • Offer double-depth filing in areas with space of only single-depth
  • Optional accessories enable storage of side tab file folders, top tab file folders in drawers, binders, books and nearly any type of media.
  • Can be locked, which is ideal when cabinets are located in an open floor plan where multiple departments have access.
  • Rotary files come in letter and legal size and a variety of heights from 29.5 inches, all the way up to 92 inches.
  • Especially popular in the healthcare industry due to HIPAA regulations, but have been installed in numerous applications and industries.
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Wolter has extensive experience designing and installing both carousel and single vertical storage systems for offices and corporate workspaces. Our reliable, cost-effective storage solutions make it fast and easy to access files and critical documents. 

Carousel Vertical Storage System 

  • Functions like a Ferris wheel, carrying files up and around 
  • 208v motor with controls that bring the files to you

Single Vertical Storage System 

  • Can hold as many as 42 single file drawers
  • Saves up to 60 percent of floor space
  • Allows files to be accessed within seconds
  • Ergonomic – no bending, reaching or stooping
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In an industry where security is critical, our hoteling and day use locker solutions ensure possessions stay safe and provide valuable peace of mind for your employees, contractors and hotel guests. 

Lockers are available in a variety of sizes and finishes such as steel, wood or steel that looks like wood. Hoteling lockers can also double as a wall, making them an ideal solution for conference rooms and lobbies.

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Give your mailroom employees the proper tools to do their work efficiently. Wolter offers a variety of custom mailroom furniture and specialty storage solutions that can help your organization minimize clutter and save time, space and money. Our products include cabinets, ergonomically built work tables and storage units for printers, fax machines and postage machines. 

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Store and access records and files quickly and effectively with our storage shelving solutions. We’ll take the time to understand your storage requirements, space and accessibility to design and implement a custom solution that’s ideal for your workplace. 

Our wide selection of shelving and storage includes: 

  • Rotary file cabinets 
  • Open shelf filing
  • Bulk rack
  • Industrial shelving
  • Professional shelving 
  • Decorative shelving
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Whether accessing hard copy or digital documents, the documents need to be arranged, categorized and labeled correctly for easy retrieval. 

Our team can help you identify and implement filing systems and supplies to organize and label your files easily. If your documents can be kept electronically, we can also help you digitize the hard copy documents and categorize, organize and store them in a 24/7 accessible system.

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