These days, libraries offer much more than books – from computer labs, collaborative workspaces for students and their communities, multimedia resources, research resources and more. Though, as libraries expand further into multifunctional spaces, their storage requirements also change, as well as the need for expanded storage capacity. 

 Some of the challenges that are unique to this industry include:

  • Space Capacity – Expansion or relocation to the library is not always possible, growing the need for a storage system that can maximize existing spaces for books, multimedia, computer labs and collaborative workspaces.   
  • Limited resources – Many libraries don’t have the budget to expand or the space to do so, making the case for finding a better way to maximize the library’s existing space.
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Cantilever Library Shelving

Design and customize your storage system with cantilever library shelving. This type of library shelving offers a variety of modern finishes to meet the aesthetics of your library or media space. 

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4-Post Library Shelving

4-Post shelving has a unique  design which stores more volumes than cantilever shelving in the same footprint.  

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Library Shelving

Libraries, regardless if in corporate, school, public or universities, need to create a presentation to display and store materials at the same time. Shelf size and quantity of book shelves can be personalized based on current or future collections.

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High-Density Mobile Shelving

As traditional shelving maintains aisles on a constant basis, whether they are being used or not, high-density mobile shelving solves space constraint issues by mobilizing the storage shelves. Library storage units can be used in a manual or electric environment.  

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Mobile Library Shelving

Mobile library shelving creates versatile storage designed to move with your space and growing needs. The mobile shelving is known for it's caster wheels which swivel 360 degrees and lock for safety. 

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Flat File Storage Cabinets

Many libraries will showcase historical items in public areas of the library, creating the need for the safe keeping of items of significance. Flat file cabinets allow for these archival pieces to be displayed and admired behind glass and in drawers - eliminating the chance of any damage, dust, or other environmental damage.


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