Elevating Workplace Safety with Linde Guardian

In today's bustling industrial environments, prioritizing safety is key. Linde Guardian introduces an advanced system to enhance workplace safety, particularly in the challenging realm of internal traffic. Linde Guardian is a revolutionary solution designed to safeguard both personnel and equipment in industrial settings. Here's a quick look at its key features and benefits:

  • Personnel and Zone Recognition
Linde Guardian employs a combination of cameras and radar to identify personnel and hazardous zones, offering robust safety measures.
  • Precision Warning Zones
This system allows precise configuration of warning zones with an accuracy of just 10 centimeters, ensuring warnings are only triggered when necessary.
  • Real-time Personnel Visualization
It provides real-time visualization of personnel in danger zones, aiding quick decision-making for operators and pedestrians.
  • Mutual Warnings
Linde Guardian facilitates mutual warnings between truck operators and pedestrians, enhancing safety for all involved.
  • Detection Through Walls and Racking
Its ability to detect objects through walls and racking ensures hidden obstacles don't pose threats, particularly in complex warehouse environments.
  • Versatile and Rapid Installation
Linde Guardian is adaptable and quick to install in various industrial settings, offering practical and customizable safety solutions.
  • Product Modules
Linde Guardian offers various product modules to bolster workplace safety: including Truck Unit Display, Portable Unit, Sensors, etc. 

Linde Guardian is a powerful safety tool that offers heightened awareness and protection in internal traffic environments. With its adaptable technology and versatile product modules, it's a wise investment in safeguarding your workforce and enhancing operational efficiency.

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