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Purchase Equipment in 2024 Using Your Section 179 Tax Benefit

  • Any new or used equipment purchased in 2024 can be deducted in full (up to a total of $1,220,000) in year 1 if the total amount of applicable assets purchased does not exceed $2,890,000.
  • Once the $3,050,000 (cost) threshold is surpassed, the Section 179 allowable deduction ($1,220,000) will begin to be phased out and will be totally phased out at $4,270,000 (cost) of current year additions.
  • The increased allowance applies to units contracted for and put into service through December 31, 2023. The balance of equipment investment above $3,050,000 is eligible for Standard MACRS depreciation.

The applicable bonus depreciation percentage will now be 60% for property placed in service during 2024. Bonus depreciation applies to new and used equipment.

Example of an Equipment Purchase of $25,000
Purchase Price $25,000
1st year Section 179 allowance $1,220,000
Total 1st year deduction $25,000
Potential 1st year tax savings
(21% tax bracket)
After tax cost of equipment $19,750

*Please consult your own tax advisor regarding the application of the tax laws to your specific situation.