The correct type of storage equipment can affect the effectiveness of the department. Shelving is an essential part of every manufacturer's operation, but too often is an afterthought and not evaluated.

Shelving comes in many different heights, widths, depths, payload capacities, spacing, and flexibility. Too many times it is ordered out of a catalog without the application being defined.

Standard Shelving is constructed of a medium gauge steel material and is designed to store products under 500 pounds.

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Industrial Shelving

Constructed of heavier gauge steel material and is designed to store heavier products up to 750 pounds or more. The different styles and the numerous sizes of shelving caters to your company’s exact needs.

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Rivet Span Shelving

Economical, strong boltless style industrial shelving with widths up to 8' wide. Payload capacity per level between 450 and 2000 pounds in some bulk applications. Narrower single and double rivet shelf systems have payload capacities between 250 and 450 pounds.

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Flexi-Bin Shelving

Medium duty shelving is designed to store tools, hardware, electronic components, and small parts. Shelving can have flat shelves, movable dividers, or storage bins.

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High Rise Shelving

Shelving designed to be over 10' 3" and accessed by an automated picker or a rolling ladder. These systems are great for archival applications, high-volume parts storage, and distribution centers.

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Tire and Battery Storage Racks

Designed specifically to house tires and batteries for the automotive market. These systems provide efficient storage and retrieval shelving for high-density storage of oddly shaped and bulky items for many different markets.

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Modular Drawer Storage Shelving
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Modular Drawer Storage Shelving

Designed around standard industrial shelving systems the modular drawer system allows the flexibility of pull-out storage drawers to be added to shelving systems.

The modular drawers come in varying heights according to the application's need and glide on full extension tracks for ease of movement. All modular drawers can be equipped with internal divider systems and tooling holders to customize each drawer for the requirements of the product stored.

The system can be designed with overhead storage modules, modular drawers, and industrial shelves in any or all sections as needed to meet the needs of the application.

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Multi-tier Mezzanine System
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Multi-tier Mezzanine System

Shelving system designed for a multi-floor (2 or 3) storage system. The structural free standing deck provides an increased density of storage capacity by using the vertical storage cube with a second level of shelving on the Tier / Mezzanine deck(s).

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Modular Storage Cabinets
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Modular Storage Cabinets
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Modular Storage Cabinets

Modular storage cabinets for industrial and commercial companies are key to keeping a company organized. Whether you need shelving for storage, wardrobe locker space, or a combination, Ellis Systems offers flexible storage cabinets in various sizes in order to accommodate whatever your facility or company needs. All of our cabinets are of high quality, heavy-duty steel, and are corrosion resistant. Ask us about antimicrobial cabinets, great for containing the spread of contaminants.


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