Safety in warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution is critical. There are many hidden dangers to look out for.  Explore the many safety products from Wolter that can easily and affordably be added to your work environment – drastically improving the safety of your entire workforce.

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Forklift Safety Lights

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Blue Safety Lights 
Decrease forklift and pedestrian collisions with the blue LED forklift safety light. The blue safety light is typically mounted to the overhead guard of the forklift and shine a focused beam of light on the ground 15 to 20 feet behind the lift truck to warn pedestrians of approaching forklifts.

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Intersection Warning Lights 
Keep your workers safe with intersection warning lights, also known as collision awareness products. This type of warning light system detects oncoming forklifts as well as pedestrian traffic in the warehouse by then alerting both parties before collisions occur. When lights are flashing, warehouse workers know to proceed with caution around intersections and blind spots.
Creating awareness of potential dangers helps reduce the risk of damage, injury, as well as workman's compensation claims. Installation is simple – just plug into an outlet and the intersection warning light system is ready.

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Red Zone Warning Light 
Improve warehouse safety by ensuring employees keep a safe distance away from forklifts or other dangerous machinery.

The red-zone pedestrian warning light is a forklift safety light that emits a red beam onto the floor showing pedestrians where they can safely stand, helping to prevent foot rollovers and collisions from the rear-end swing.

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Forklift Safety Technology & Devices

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Forklift Access Monitoring Devices

Forklift access monitoring devices help monitor forklift operator activity, improve safety, and reduce costly damage to your facility. The forklift access monitoring device provides control access to trained or authorized operators and is designed to fit any make or model of forklift. The forklift monitor offers a variety of safety elements to keep drivers accountable for speeding, reckless driving, completing a pre-shift safety checklist, and more.

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Forklift Load Tilt Indicator 
The main cause of product damage is typically due to a forklift’s fork being tilted at the wrong angle. With forklift load tilt indicators, operators have an efficient way to check that their forks are level to where they are supposed to be. 

This digital forklift level indicator allows operators to safely finish their work quickly and easily which reduces operator error and the hassle of increased loads.

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Pedestrian Proximity Detection Systems 

Pedestrian proximity detection systems prevent forklift accidents in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

This highly accurate detection device uses audible and visual warning systems to alert both the forklift operator and pedestrians walking through your facility. Both parties are alerted of each other’s presence when near one another.

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Rack Protection, Guard Rail & Machine Guarding

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Guard Rails & Column Protectors 
It's critical to protect pallet racking, shelving, machinery, and especially employees from accidents in industrial facilities.

You can protect your facility and workforce with warehouse guard rails, column protectors, bollards, safety gates, machine guards, pedestrian aisles, and more.

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Machine Guarding 
Working in an industrial facility can be hazardous without proper safety precautions. Installing machine guards can protect employees from the dangers posed by moving machinery.

Machine guards can be used in a wide variety of applications such as robotic cells, weld cells, press break stations, laser cutting areas, metal stamping, folding or punching stations and more.

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Pallet Rack Wire Backing
Improve warehouse safety by adding pallet backing to protect workers and equipment from falling or shifting products. An economical solution to aisle safety and the increasing demands for fall protection regulation.

Pallet rack wire backing is a great solution for improved inventory protection and promotes proper stacking of pallets, reducing product damage from denting or cursing. The rack wire backing is also a great solution for improved inventory protection, promoting proper stacking of pallets, and reducing product damage from denting or crushing.

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Rack Protection
Prevent costly damage to your pallet racking by installing pallet rack protectors and pallet rack guards.
A heavy-duty rack guard prevents dangerous rack failures caused by forklift impact. 

After adding rack protectors, your pallet rack is 5 times more impact resistant in the front and sides where the uprights are most vulnerable.   

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Fall Protection Systems & Safety Harnesses

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Fall Protection Systems & Safety Harnesses
Fall protection systems and safety harnesses keep employees safe while on aerial lifts or other work sites at height.

Each business is different, and not all fall protection solutions are one size fits all – which is why we offer a variety of fall protection gear. 

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