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Uptime is the name of the game. When it comes to cranes and hoists, Wolter specializes in reliable solutions from popular brands like CM, Gorbel, R&M, Harrington, Demag and more – each designed and performance-matched to your needs. Plus, we offer a full range of maintenance and service programs to keep your mission-critical cranes and hoists operating at peak efficiency.

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Overhead Cranes

Wolter offers complete overhead crane solutions, integrating hoist, bridge drive and girder components working together as a cohesive system. Our systems are designed to minimize the time the load travels, with safer load handling and less sway load motions. Talk to our experts to create the perfect system for your operational requirements.

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Workstation Cranes

Our crane specialists can work with you to review your needs and recommend the best workstation crane solution for the job. From modular designs, free-standing bridge cranes, ceiling mounted bridge cranes to monorail, single-girder and double-girder suspension solutions, we can help you get your job done right.

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Jib & Gantry Cranes

Need more flexibility in your lifting solutions, Wolter can help. Our jib cranes are an ideal choice for unique lifting tasks or where repetitive tasks are the norm. We offer enclosed track, I-beam, articulating, easy arm and free-standing pivot-pro jib cranes. For added maneuverability and flexibility, we also offer gantry crane systems to easily provide stable lifting and movement capability throughout your entire workspace. This helps create a more cost-effective lifting solution compared to permanent, fixed structures.

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Wolter’s range of hoists includes electric chain, air chain and wire rope hoists. Consult with our hoist experts to select the best fit for each of your lifting tasks.

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Controls & Power Systems

Our selection of radio control systems includes a variety of technologies for transmitters and receivers, to ensure you have the right solution to ensure safe, smooth and efficient crane and hoist operation.

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Below-the-Hook Devices

When you need to pick or move very specific types of products or materials, Wolter can provide the below-the-hook lifting devices to meet just about any need. From C-Hooks and Coil Grabs & Lifters to Lifting Tongs, Scrap Grapples and more, we’ll help you find the best solution for your unique application.

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Intelligent Lifting Devices

Our intelligent lifting devices handle loads from 165 lb. to 1,320 lb. These servo-controlled lifts help operators be more efficient with less fatigue. Models are available to readily adapt to virtually any work environment, including dusty and high-moisture applications. Wolter consultants are available to discuss your particular situation, in order to ensure you get the right solutions for your specific applications.

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