Parts Storage

Every manufacturer makes and needs parts to keep the operation going. When repair, service, or parts are necessary for assembly, industrial companies must ensure inventory levels are filled, organized, and can quickly be accessed. 

Parts are also a large part of any financial investment. This is why automation, tracking, and inventory controls should be implemented. Get in touch with us to get started on your parts storage solution.

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Vertical Storage Systems

When thousands of parts, big and small, need to be accessed ad picked quickly, vertical storage units allow for thousands of parts or sku’s to be stored the way to need them. Simply key in the item code and the vertical storage unit brings the bin, tote or carton right to you at an optimum height for easy picking. Vertical storage units utilize minimal floor space and instead stores items vertically.  

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Pallet Racking Systems

We utilize some of the best racking systems to streamline your process flow of parts with the use of steel storage containers, drive-thru racks, pushback racks, cantilever racks, portable racks or specialty racks to name a few. Racking systems are an efficient way of storing for the short-term and long. 

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Mezzanine Systems

When parts are of an abundance or simply need to be stored is large or small spaces, mezzanines can help uncover cost efficient, new spaces with minimal disruption to the workers in the facility. 

Mezzanines can quickly be constructed, moved, reconfigured and taken down as your process changes and the number of parts needing to be stored expands or contracts. 

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Industrial Shelving & Modular Cabinets

Sometimes parts are regularly used and workers need the quick and frequent access to parts.  Heavy duty cabinets, filing cabinets, shelving and mobile shelving ensure the job is done easier, faster, and efficiently as possible.

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