Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) Plans

Reduce operating costs while increasing uptime with a Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) plan. One low monthly fee will cover your maintenance and repair costs –helping you budget for rising maintenance costs.

One fixed rate invoice covers all aspects of parts & service

Plans tailored to your specific application

Greater equipment resale value

No cost rentals

We take care of your fleet while you focus on your business

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Total Maintenance & Repair
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Service Expectations

  • Our Total Maintenance & Repair plans are designed to meet the specific needs of your equipment and application –whether it’s preventive maintenance or an emergency repair, we take full responsibility for getting you back up and running.
  • A top-tier, factory certified technician is assigned to your account 
  • Priority service - 4 hour guarantee.
  • Carefully checked for optimal working conditions:
    • Mast, lift chains, forks, hydraulics
    • Running & braking system
    • Control system
    • IC engine or electric motor
    • Vehicle body& safety components

TM&R Plan Types

Learn more about our Total Maintenance & Repair plan types, or contact us to help find the package that’s right for you.

Guaranteed Plan

One flat monthly rate for the term of the contract.

With a guaranteed plan approach, you will have a guaranteed monthly rate for the term of the contract. The unit is assigned an allowable amount of hours per month. This approach allows you to effectively budget year after year.

Step Rate Plan

Rates matched to expected annual expenses & adjust annually.

The step rate options are normally in 12 month increments that have a low introductory rate and increase as the equipment ages. At the start of the program rates will be determined so you can effectively budget for the years ahead.

Budget Plan

Rates are spread more evenly over a 12 month period to eliminate fluctuating highs and lows of maintenance costs.

The budget plan allows the dealer to keep contract billing in line with expenses or historical expenses as a guideline for the ensuing 12 months.



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