Filing systems continue to provide optimal for storing file folders but with less space. Customers use file cabinets like the rotary file because, like the file cabinet, it closes to hide the contents and provides a clean organized appearance in the office, and at the same time greatly increases file storage capacity.

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Filing systems come in a variety of styles that fit your environment including 4-post, cantilever, bucket-style and stackable. 

Files are placed on shelves reaching as high as you want to utilize the space above for greater storage capacity, and typically require less than half the floor space of traditional file cabinets. 

Designing Your Rotary Storage Cabinet Solution

Choose from an open shelf plan to locking door, accommodating all size paper including letter-size files, legal-size files, and even European size files. 

Cabinets can be positioned up against a wall or used as a room divider and offer double depth filing in areas regular shelving could only be single depth. A wide range of accessories can also make rotary files even more versatile, creating the capacity to store side tab file folders, top tab file folders in drawers, binders, books, tapes and or just about any type of media up to legal depth.

Another aspect of the rotary file is the fact that it can be locked, which is a nice feature when cabinets are in an open floor plan where multiple departments have access to a room.

Rotary files come in letter and legal size and a variety of heights from 29.5" all the way up to 92". These cabinets are most popular in the healthcare industry due to HIPAA regulations but have been installed in numerous applications across several industries.


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