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Forklift accessories and attachments allow your fleet to operate in more environments and perform more tasks, without the need to purchase new specialized vehicles. Forklift attachments are key in improving warehouse efficiency by making loading, unloading, and transporting items faster and safer.

Maximize your forklift capabilities with an expansive selection of attachments and accessories. Choose from a wide range of forklift attachment and accessories styles and capacities to suit all your material handling needs. 

Not sure which attachment is best for your application? Get in touch with a Wolter expert.

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Forklift Rotators

Rotators can add 360-degree revolving motion, in both directions, for ultimate flexibility and versatility of your unit.

Rotators allow operators to safely and efficiently rotate loads for dumping, tipping or hand picking. They are popular in manufacturing, agricultural, automotive, plastic, and recycling industries as well as in lumber mills, feed plants, foundries, food processing plants, and waste disposal. 

Any time the load needs to be dumped, rotators provide much needed assistance, enhancing productivity and greatly limiting any downtime associated with the emptying of product. 

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Forklift Clamps

Whether products need to be lifted, pulled, pushed, rotated or clamped, there's a forklift clamp to fit your operational needs. There is a wide variety of forklift clamps, range from forklift clamps to bale clamps, forklift clamps and manipulators. 

Forklift clamps offer solutions for harsh applications that require the utmost durability for secure handling such as metal casting.

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Sideshifter Attachment

Reduce handling time and improve maneuverability with a sideshifter - a mechanism on a forklift, controlled by the driver, which allows the load carried to be moved from side to side. It is particularly useful for when operating in tight environments, and for positioning loads on racking without having to move the truck itself.  

Wolter has sideshifters that match nearly every make and model forklift or backrest style.

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Fork Positioners 

Fork positioners are forklift attachments, recommended for all forklift trucks handling long or irregular loads. They allow forklift operators to move the fork positioners quickly and accurately to fit different pallet sizes from the driving position. 

Some fork positioner models even allow the forks to open wider than the forklift width. The ability to position the forks from the driver’s seat, rather than getting off the truck, saves time and reduces product and pallet damage. 

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Carton Clamps

Pallet-less handling is growing in popularity as warehouse managers struggle to reduce costs and increase storage space. Carton clamps are forklift attachments that allow users to quickly handle unit loads without the requirement of expensive pallets. Carton clamps provide easy and efficient handling of non-pallet based loads in plants and warehouses. 

Some examples include cartons, foods, chemical products, fruit and vegetables or other boxed cargo in warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries. Carton clamps allow for the optimization of warehouse storage space and reduction of packaging material costs.

The clamps securely fasten the load to the forklift for effective material handling and transportation. 

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Layer Pickers

Layer pickers increase the speed of pallet production without adding labor by efficiently forming a full pallet of mixed layers consisting of various products, a task that traditionally could only be performed manually. One forklift operator can fill orders at an average speed of 1,250 cases per hour. It would take the average warehouse worker five hours to pick the same amount of cases manually.

By decreasing the number of people needed to do the work and reducing the physical labor involved, the layer picker is a cost-effective way to handle single or multiple layers of a variety of SKUs. 

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Push-Pull Forklift Attachments
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Push/Pull Forklift Attachments

Palletless handling of unitized goods through the use of slip sheets and push/pull forklift attachments can save money and reduce damage when handling boxed cargo, irregular sized products such as cased food, awkwardly shaped totes, or bagged products like seed, cement, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages. 

These attachments turn the forklift into a slip sheet and utilize hydraulic functionality to push or pull loads through a gripper option.

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Multiple Load Handler

Capable of handling one to six loads at a time, multiple load handlers offer the flexibility to increase productivity when necessary without losing the ability to efficiently handle single loads. 

Ideal for the bottling, canning, brewing, production and warehouse/shipping industries 

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Mobile Weighing

Weights are checked prior to onward transportation, monitoring incoming goods and stock, production and dispatch control. By adding mobile weighing attachments to your company’s lift trucks, you can weigh products and transport them at the same time, thereby increasing productivity and eliminating needless time and energy disrupting the transportation process to weigh each load. 

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Paper Roll Clamps

Improve your paper handling quality and speed with paper roll clamps designed to efficiently transport paper rolls via forklift through mills, warehouses, newspaper publishing plants, and converting facilities without costly product damage.


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