In the healthcare industry, safe, efficient storage is an integral part of delivering high quality care. Pharmaceutical, managed health care, medical device, hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to manage an infinite number of files and records both in hardcopy and electronically. The only way to efficiently maintain organization is with storage and filing systems tailored specifically to the healthcare industry. Wolter offers storage solutions for: 

  • Records Management
  • Equipment Storage
  • Laboratory Furnishing
  • Facilities & Operations
  • Patient & Public Areas
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Wolter has extensive experience designing and installing vertical storage systems in hospital and medical office settings. Automated storage in sterile environments such as hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms and laboratories need access in a compact space that does not interfere with its sensitive environment. 

Vertical Storage Systems

Vertical storage systems take advantage of the vertical space of the room or ceiling, allowing items to be easily accessed by simply pushing in a number or code and the item comes right to you at an ergonomically correct height.

Hospital Bed Lift Storage & Cart Storage

When beds are not in use, you need a system to keep hospital beds secure and off the floor. Vertical storage systems minimize space to store hospital beds keeping hallways clear and in a secure location.

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Hospitals, medical offices, dental offices and pharmaceutical companies are required to keep files and other frequently used items on hand. Mobile shelving offers the flexibility to access files and materials that may or may not be frequently used by simply moving the shelves manually or electrically forward, backward or side to side to get at the files or materials. The large rows of files easily move making it quick and easy to answer patient, doctor or lab technician’s questions.

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Wolter offers a wide variety of specialized and general shelving systems to meet the healthcare industry's needs.

File Shelving

File shelving comes in a variety of styles to fit your environment including four-post, cantilever, bucket-style and stackable, accommodating all size paper including letter-size files, legal-size files and even European size files.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is critical for the healthcare industry, as it promotes cleanliness and minimizes dust and dirt that can accumulate while keeping air flowing through. 

Wide Span Shelving

Items in healthcare may also be large, odd size or bulky. For those special applications, wide span shelving offers the stability and durability to hold bulkier items securely.

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Keeping designated rooms clean and sterile requires employees and other workers to keep their personal belongings in a safe area. Locker rooms keep outside contamination contained to a single location and are organized with space-saving lockers. We offer a variety of construction including steel, laminate, wood, plastic and stainless steel. Lockers come in an array of widths, heights, and depths with a standard design of painted steel to complex wood lockers.

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Laboratory casework or furniture can be configured based on the functionality of your lab. Wolter offers a wide variety of base, wall, upper and tall cases in various sizes and styles in order to support the way you need to work. Special lab furniture or casework can be created for wardrobes, glass tubing, microscopes and tote trays.

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We support your need for a well-organized lab or medical office. Maintaining quality supplies can help get the job done such as file folders of various sizes, and filing labels ½” to 2” allowing you to color-code your more efficient filing system.

Electronic files must also be carefully managed. Wolter offers file conversions, file moves and file purges to maintain HIPAA compliance.

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Industrial Generators

In hospitals and medical offices, having access to a constant and reliable source of power is, quite literally, life and death. Wolter offers a variety of generators and standby power systems that keep these vital facilities safe and operational even in the most extreme situations.

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