Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers are a constant beehive of activity. The faster and more accurately you orchestrate that activity, the more successful your operation. Wolter has the team, the experience and the comprehensive range of solutions necessary to take your operation’s efficiency to a whole new level. We can help you seamlessly integrate automation and robotics with more traditional material handling capabilities to accelerate your productivity. 

Some of the challenges that are unique to this industry include: 

  • Creating room for products is one thing, making it an efficient process is another
  • Making the most of every square foot is critical to profitability
  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to staff sufficiently across all shifts 


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Electric Forklifts

We’re your source for indoor emission-friendly electrics. 3-wheel. 4-wheel. Cushion tire and pneumatics. Ranging from 3,000 lb. to 36,000 lb. capacities. Choose from 24-, 36-, 48-and 80-volt batteries and charger options including conventional, opportunity and fast chargers. These workhorses deliver the lowest lifetime ownership costs and lowest running costs. In fact, they can help you cut fuel costs by more than 90% compared to LP or diesel-powered units.

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Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Move materials faster in confined areas with narrow aisle and very narrow aisle trucks. Our narrow aisle trucks are ideal for 9-to-11-ft. aisles and can increase your storage capacity anywhere from 15% to 60%, while our very narrow aisle forklifts are great for high-density warehouses with aisles less than 9 ft wide. If you’re serious about maximizing your capacity, talk to our team about which units and racking configurations are best-suited to your needs.

Electric Walkie Trucks & End Riders - These units help operators quickly and efficiently get down to business. They’re ideal for applications where you want to get the most out of your equipment and your people in busy warehouse and distribution environments. 

Low-Level Order Pickers - If operational efficiency is a priority for your facility, specialized equipment can make all the difference. Take low-level order pickers for example. They optimize first and second level picking with two different methods for placing goods on the forks: direct access to the pallet or open pallet and closed pallet.

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Aerial Lifts

No matter what your need, we have the right aerial lift for your specific application. Choose from boom lifts, scissor lifts, personnel lifts and mobile stock chasers. Our boom lifts come in both articulating and telescopic styles and are safe to drive while fully extended, with ranges of 30 ft. to 180 ft. We also offer narrow aisle and rough terrain solutions to handle all your lift needs inside and out.

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Utility Vehicles

Industrial utility vehicles and utility trucks transport people and light-to-medium loads quickly throughout large facilities. We offer a variety of industrial personnel and burden carriers as well as stock chasers. Personnel carriers move at speeds up to 13 mph and can tow up to 4,600 lbs. while moving up to eight individuals at a time. All our industrial utility vehicles are comfortable, safe and easy to operate. See how they help keep your operation moving.

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Safety and cleanliness go hand-in-hand. That’s why we offer an entire fleet of sweepers, scrubbers and combination sweeper scrubbers to meet your needs. Choose from walk-behind, ride-on or even autonomous units to keep your facility clean, safe and running more efficiently. We also offer environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products to help you get the best cleaning results for your facility.

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Jib Cranes

These space-saving solutions are an effective way to deal with heavier loads. They can be mounted directly to the floor or wall mounted. If you have heavy loads that need to be moved on regular basis, be sure to speak with our crane specialists about which solutions would be best for your particular application.

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Automated Vehicles

Transporting large, heavy pallets or boxes from receiving to storage racks and back again to shipping is what an automated vehicle accomplishes 24/7. This solution can take the process one step further by automating the loading and unloading of trailers. Together, the fully automated system works to keep a smooth transition to replenish and fulfill orders accurately and on time.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

No hands, no mistakes, even no lights. An automatic storage and retrieval system AS / RS is a computer-controlled system that automatically puts away and retrieves goods on pallets, totes, cartons or any other containers. The fully automated system can run continuously 24 hours, 7 days a week without constant supervision. Minimize labor with a continuously running system that delivers accuracy and efficiency with every order. 
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Conveyors & Automated Handling

Conveyors complete the connectivity or flow of goods for the purpose of maximizing operational efficiency. Conveyor systems offer a variety of types for transporting goods vertically, horizontally and on inclines for both short and long distances. Integrated intelligence allows the conveyors to successfully merge, divert or accumulate product as it travels throughout the facility. Your facility will become leaner and more productive, with the flexibility to readily adapt to changing goods. This level of system intelligence is ideal for facilities where fulfilling customer orders rapidly and accurately is essential.

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Palletizing Robots

Palletizing robots are an automated way of stacking cases of product onto a pallet. Wolter offers a complete range of palletizing systems, including robotic, automatic, low level and custom palletizers, that can account for the length, width, height and stability of products and sequence them in the order they need to be removed and put away.
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Pallet Racking Systems

In large or small spaces, racking systems store and retrieve products quickly and easily using automation or manual systems. Based on your space requirements, well-planned material handling racking systems help in reducing cost and increasing efficiencies. Racking system types include pallet rack, drive-in rack, flow rack, pushback rack, cantilever rack, portable rack, custom shipping rack and more.

Mobile Pallet Racks - Storing large and heavy products can be a challenge especially in distribution centers with space constraints. Create the space you need with modular, flexible racking systems that are a perfect fit for any climate‒ from very hot to deep freezing temperatures. The mobile racking system is equipped with a PLC including safety features that can be integrated into your current system.

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Safety Products

When pedestrian traffic is part of the distribution center, it’s important to be sure all workers, employees and visitors are safe and secure. Based on the area that needs securing, Wolter offers various safety products such as safety netting and safety guards. We’ll analyze and recommend the best and most secure type of safety netting or guards that the area needs. Safety netting comes in various forms such as plastic, steel or cloth, as well as various netting structure sizes. Keep areas of risk safe and secure with safety products.
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Dock Equipment

Wolter is your dock headquarters with everything you need to create a safer and more efficient work environment for one of the highest traffic areas at your facility. From dock doors, plates and lights to door guards, traffic lights, blind spot mirrors and more, we’ve got you covered. 

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Shrink Wrapping Machines

Distribution centers frequently break down orders coming in and repackage them to go out. Shrink wrapping machines are commonly used to package orders, sealing the components together for a secure fit before shipping. Based on your requirements, our team can recommend the best shrink wrapping machine that’s both cost effective and fast.

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