School systems are constantly faced with managing facilities and maximizing budgets. Flexible storage and filing systems offer economical solutions that can evolve as classroom, laboratory, sports department and office needs change. Meanwhile, the right material handling equipment can help improve building and grounds maintenance efficiency.

Our team has provided schools, universities, colleges and other learning institutions with productivity solutions that include: 

  • Document & File Storage
  • Library Shelving & Storage
  • Athletic Gear Storage
  • Instrument Storage
  • Office, Mail & Supplies Storage
  • Classroom & Laboratory Storage
  • Student Lockers & Secure Storage
  • Facility Operations, Upkeep & Sanitation 


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Library Shelving & Storage

Libraries have the unique challenge of maximizing storage capacity while maintaining access to its collection. Shelf size, and number of book stack units can be tailored based on type of book being stored or displayed. Wolter offers library solutions that solve common storage challenges like:

  • Periodicals - Display shelves on hinged shelves with back issues stored under display
  • Media Storage - Shelves accommodate all sizes and types of media
  • Mobile Book Cart - Flexible design to move and work how you need it
  • Cantilever Shelves - Storage and display made for strength and durability
  • Case Style Shelves - Bookcase appearance with sliding divider
  • Children’s Shelving - Shorter, tough shelving to withstand the toughest children
  • Multi-Level Shelves - Maximize floor and overhead space with a 6-level system
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School administrative processes require ample space to store active files, archival files, boxes, supplies and more – which can quickly eat up floorspace and budget. We offer high-density mobile storage systems that give you the storage space your school or institution needs in an economical, compact, and easily accessible environment.

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Every department has its own unique storage needs. Regardless of your storage challenges, we can help you to choose, configure and install the right shelving or storage system for maximum efficiency and accessibility. Common types of shelving for school and university applications include:

  • Boltless Shelving
  • Bulk Rack Shelving
  • Capstone Shelving
  • Commercial Grade Shelving
  • Open Shelf Filing Shelf
  • Decorative Shelving
  • Configurable Shelving Unit or Worktable
  • Welded Bookcases
  • Glass Door Bookcases
  • Modular Cabinets
  • Standard or Jumbo-Sized Cabinets
  • Open Style Sliding Door Cabinets
  • Combination or Specialty Cabinets
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Faced the financial and practical implications of loss and theft, lockers are a great solution for keeping materials, equipment and personal belongings safe and accessible. From hallways to athletic departments, we offer a variety of materials (steel, laminate, wood, plastic and stainless steel), sizes and configurations to maximize storage and improve security.

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The proper storage solution can help keep files safe, organized and accessible, while saving valuable floorspace. We offer a variety of file storage solutions, including four-post shelving, cantilever shelving, bucket-style shelving and stackable shelving, in stationary or rotary configurations to help maximize storage capacity and ease of use. 

Need help organizing your files? Our team can help implement a filing system, digitize your hard copy documents or provide the labels and supplies to manage your current system.

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Wolter offers a variety of custom mailroom furniture and specialty storage solutions that can help your organization minimize clutter and save time, space and money. Our products include cabinets, ergonomically built work tables and storage units for printers, fax machines and postage machines. 

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For campuses large and small, electric pallet trucks are efficient, reliable ways to transporting goods and materials from point A to point B. With increased performance and ease of movement, electric pallet trucks provide convenient and simple material handling, while preventing strain or injury of your facilities staff.

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Wolter offers a variety of aerial lifts that make maintaining your school or university facilities a breeze. From changing hard-to-reach lightbulbs to raising banners and signage, our experts can help you find the right lift for your needs and budget, including short- and long-term rentals and leases or high-quality new or used equipment to purchase.

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A clean environment is a safe environment for faculty and students alike. We offer variety of innovative industrial cleaning equipment, including floor sweepers, scrubbers and sweeper-scrubbers, walk-behind or ride-on units, and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

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Industrial Generators

In times of need, schools and universities become hubs for their communities. From serving as disaster response staging areas to offering temporary shelter, having access to a constant, reliable source of power makes it possible. Wolter offers a variety of generators and standby power systems that keep these facilities safe and operational even in the most extreme situations.

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