Leasing & Maintenance

Leasing material handling equipment allows you the flexibility to choose the number of years for the term of your lease based on the needs of your business and operations. 

Leasing options can provide you with lower monthly costs when compared to purchasing equipment, less paperwork than owning and having the opportunity to utilize the latest and greatest equipment. 

We’re here to help you determine the most suitable leasing and maintenance strategy for your business.

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Leasing Strategies

As with fleet management, the financing strategy is unique to each customer and that of their applications. Whether the customer wants off-balance sheet options, lower monthly payments, or the option to return the equipment at the lease end, each plan should meet the agreed-upon fleet management strategy to ensure we secure the most economic value of each asset. More importantly, offering the client the best value for each, available financial product, will best meet the needs of the customer to assure financial stability.

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Total Maintenance & Repair Plans

A total maintenance and repair program, also known as TM&R, is a comprehensive service maintenance agreement, providing you with a fixed, low monthly fee for service and repairs on all of your forklifts and material handling equipment.

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Lease Programs

The leasing team at Wolter offers a variety of lease options and works with you to meet your business's specific needs. Whether you are seeking a short-term, long-term or flexible lease, we can work with you to find the leasing program that fits best.  

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