Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

E-commerce continues to evolve and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. To keep up with demand and remain competitive, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are quickly becoming an operational necessity for today’s manufacturers and distributors.     

When you have high volumes of inventory moving in and out of your manufacturing or distribution facility, an automated storage and retrieval system can help you improve many aspects of your business, including profitability and ROI, inventory control and tracking, flexibility to accommodate changing business conditions, labor cost reduction, workplace safety, and warehouse space utilization.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are computer-controlled inventory management systems that handle, store and retrieve materials from defined storage positions. These storage systems can handle anything from small parts to full pallet loads and are widely used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses.

Automated storage and retrieval systems maximize your warehouse space, reducing your need for additional space rental or new construction projects. This means greater operational efficiency and significant cost savings per square foot. 

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Shuttle Systems

If you’re looking for a storage shuttle system for your small load or pallet warehouse, the experts at Wolter can help. With the right automated storage system, you’ll see: 

  • High redundancy and quick error recovery
  • Increased storage density 
  • Seamless integration into a variety of applications and environments
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Micro-fulfillment & Autostorage

Today’s customers expect online shopping to be fast, easy and convenient – and retailers must find new ways to keep up. With micro-fulfillment and auto-storage technologies, retailers of all sizes can bring inventory and fulfillment closer to the customer to accelerate delivery times and remain competitive. 

From design to implementation and long-term support, our team can help you find the right fulfillment and storage solutions to maximize your e-commerce results. 

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