Fleet Studies & Consultation

We understand that properly managing your material handling fleet can be a challenging feat. This is why Wolter's fleet studies & consultation service could be beneficial to the future of your operations. When you work with Wolter, be assured our number one goal is to keep your material handling productivity up and your costs low. 

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Fleet Studies & Consultation
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4-Step Fleet Study Process

We understand that every material equipment fleet is different. This is why we use a proven process, customized to your business, that allows us to determine any inefficiencies you may have when it comes to your equipment fleet, and how we can work together to correct the issues fast. 

We break our fleet study process down into four steps to identify the best ways to get your fleet operating leanly, but at full capacity, for the highest cost-effectiveness possible.

Step 1: Forklift Fleet Audit
Fleet specialists will utilize an on-site visit to collect information on your forklifts, material handling equipment, and the surrounding work environment. The forklift fleet audit consists of collecting information related to maintenance costs, input from operational personnel and maintenance staff, and reporting to present you with data and findings to move forward. 
Step 2: Warehouse Analysis
While the material handling equipment utilized in your operations is crucial, so is your warehouse environment. Our fleet management team will look at your layout and how the equipment is operated on a daily basis. Our team will use this information to identify how equipment usage can be improved, travel times and where more can be utilized.
Step 3: Equipment Optimization 
Within our forklift fleet optimization study, we identify the best ways to have your fleet operating lean bit at capacity for the highest cost-effectiveness possible. 
Step 4: Cost Reduction
There are many costs related to material handling, beyond the initial cost of equipment. Consider obsolescence, overhauls, operator costs, downtime, rentals, servicing, supervision, cleaning, add-on and attachments, and more. In fact, 80-90% of your costs are hidden. Not knowing these costs or the data associated with your operations could be killing your bottom line. 

By working with our team through our fleet management program, we can help you: 

Uncover hidden costs

Find areas to downsize or improve your operations

Proactively manage to better help you achieve the lowest total cost for material handling operations

* If you have over 500 trucks, ask us about national account coverage 
* If you have over 100 trucks operating within satellite locations through the US, ask about dealer-managed national accounts

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