Renting floor cleaning equipment helps to get your company’s floor clean and sanitary. Our industrial floor cleaning equipment easy-to-use guide helps you determine the best sweeper and scrubber for your application, as well as answer questions that you may have in selecting cleaning equipment for the job.

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Make sure the drop-off point is equipped with a loading dock or ground top. 
What are the different types of industrial floor cleaning equipment?
To get the most from your industrial floor cleaning equipment, let’s begin by determining the type of cleaning that you need to do. There are three types of floor cleaners available: sweepers, scrubbers, and sweeper/scrubber combination units.

Floor cleaning sweepers brush up debris and are essentially industrial vacuum cleaners. Floor cleaning scrubbers contain water and cleaning solutions and will soak, scrub, and squeegee the surface. Excessive or large pieces of debris will be pushed around or clog the machine. The combination units sweep and then scrub the floor, all in one unit. 

Sweepers and scrubbers are available in walk-behind and rider models. Sweeper/scrubber units are larger and are available as riders only. Make sure to take measurements of doors and aisles. 
Why does area of coverage matter?
For all three types of floor cleaners, you will need to determine the area of the floor to be cleaned. Floor cleaning equipment is rated by coverage area. You can use a smaller unit; however, you will be making more trips back to empty or refill the machine. Pick the machine that will clean the area that you are working with, and complete the job all at once, without worry. Remember that severely dirty, oily, and rough floors will reduce the range of the unit. Talk to your rental specialist about these situations. They have special solutions, brushes, and accessories to make the job go easier and faster.
Why does power type matter?
Floor cleaning equipment is available with electric, LP, or gas power. Larger equipment is usually LP or gas, but some electric units are also available. The type of power is generally related to the size of the equipment. Talk with your rental specialist if you have any particular requirements. 


Industrial cleaning equipment rental service area includes Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio.

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