Conveyors & Automated Handling

Always custom-designed for your specific needs, our industrial conveyor systems are the perfect solution for any product line, regardless of industry. From conveyers and sortation to fulfillment systems, box/container erecting and pallet handling, we offer a variety of solutions to effectively move your product through production, assembly, packaging and inspection. 

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Conveyors & Sortation

Conveyors and sorters provide an efficient and space-saving way to transport product within your distribution center, manufacturing facility or warehouse. Transporting goods manually or with automation, conveyors and sorters can move a variety of product shapes, sizes and weights safely and efficiently. 

Wolter offers a wide variety of conveyors and sorters to meet your operational and facility needs. 

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Fulfillment Systems

Integrating technology into your order fulfillment processes can help your business drive efficiency and accuracy. 

Wolter offers a variety of pick-to-light order fulfillment systems designed to fit your operation. Our job is to ensure the right system for your facility to maximize customer demands. We’ll help you identify and implement the right fulfillment system to enable your facility to be faster, more accurate and less labor-intensive.

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Box/Container Erecting & Handling

Improve productivity levels and operational capacity with box and container erecting and handling. Box and container erectors are a robust packing automation solution designed for manufacturers and distributors. The machines streamline the packaging process by forming knockdown corrugated cardboard blanks into consistently square boxes. 

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Pallet Handling & Dispensing

When it comes to palletizing, Wolter offers both manual and robotic palletizing solutions. Our systems have the intelligence needed to structure the pallet exactly how your customer wants to receive their order. 

Our selection of pallet handling and dispensing solutions is a great way to reduce labor and improve productivity across your operations.

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