Box/Container Erecting & Handling

Manual packing can present many quality issues that increase your operating costs and slow the overall productivity. Fortunately, there are semi-automated solutions, like box/container erecting, to solve these issues. The cost is relatively low and the increase in productivity, reduction in injuries and elimination of damaged or lost shipments will quickly provide a positive return on investment. 

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Thumbnail for Case Erector
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Case Erectors

Case erectors are a fully automatic system that erects the case and bottom seals it with tape, making it ready for filling.

Benefits of Case Erectors:

  • Compact machine
  • User friendly software with various options
  • Low noise level and minimal air consumption
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Semi-Auto Case Erecting
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Semi-Auto Case Erecting

Semi-auto case erecting is often used as a packaging table before a case sealer. After opening the flat case, the operator slides the case into the bottom flat folder, where the side flaps are automatically folded and the case is held firm during filling. When the case is full, the operator pushes it to seal/ further transport.  

Benefits of Semi Auto Case Erecting:

  • Ideal for handling heavy outers
  • Improves efficiency, flexibility and reliability in packing lines
  • Precision and accuracy unmatched by manual packing
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Thumbnail for Case Sealing

Case Sealing

Case sealing provides top and bottom closure, as well as automatic height and width adjustments in packing lines where case sizes may vary. This is useful in the dispatch department of warehouses, where two operators can work simultaneously on either side of the packing table. 

Benefits of Case Sealers:

  • Ability to operate as a fully automatic top and bottom sealer as long as the top flaps of the case are closed by a label or small piece of tape 
  • Less breaking and tearing of boxes for improved throughput better productivity
Thumbnail for Powered Roller Conveyors
Thumbnail for Powered Roll Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered rolling conveyors are a robust system designed to optimize and increase productivity in case packing lines. Powered conveyors are an automatic way of moving product from location to its next location or final destination. 

There are individual motors inside each roller that is activated when the box, totes, pallet or items move down the line. Depending on your application, overall there are 3 types of powered roller conveyors: 

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Accumulation Conveyor
  • Chain Conveyor 


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