Today’s challenges in the food and beverage industries have producers scrutinizing every aspect of their business to preserve profit margins. Wolter’s breadth of offering and depth of expertise enables us to look at operations holistically in order to maximize efficiency, minimize total cost of ownership and turn what many consider sunk costs into real return on investment opportunities. 

While most industries struggle with efficiency and costs, some productivity challenges that are unique to food processing include:

  • Complying with extensive governmental regulations
  • Availability and rising prices of ingredients makes it more difficult to operate profitably
  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to help customers keep their shelves stocked


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Our experts can help you select the right forklifts for your needs. Choose from 3- or 4-wheel cushion tire electrics with 24-, 36-, 48- or 80-volt batteries and capacities from 3,000-36,000 lbs. These units support quitter, cleaner work environments making them perfect for food and beverage operations. No matter which unit or units you choose our parts, service and maintenance programs help ensure maximum uptime. Certified training improves operator productivity and overall plant safety. Fleet Management tools help you optimize productivity while minimizing lifetime operating costs. Plus, new and used options, as well as your choice of purchase, rental and lease agreements means Wolter has what it takes to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the future of your equipment fleet.

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Wolter offers a complete line of pallet trucks and stackers, which includes end riders and central control riders which are ideally suited to most food and beverage applications. Check out our line-up and if you need help, our team can help you match the best solutions to your applications.

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Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Our comprehensive offering of narrow aisle forklifts includes low level order pickers to meet the needs of food and beverage operations. 

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Specialty Forklift Attachments

Attachments ranging from sideshifters to fork positioners, rotators, clamps, mobile weighing solutions and more, enable you to address specialized material handling needs of the food and beverage industries. Best of all, multiple attachments help you get more out of your forklift investment. 

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In food and beverage operations, clean is a way of life. That’s why we offer a complete line of sweepers, scrubbers and combination units. Walk behind, rider and autonomous units are available. Scrubbers carry up to 115 gallons of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solution and are the most energy-efficient, water-conscious machines. Patented scrub brushes, minimize chemical and water use to save you money.

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When you need to routinely move heavy loads of ingredients into position on production lines, jib cranes help get the job done safely and efficiently. Minimizing human interaction also minimizes fatigue and safeguards workers against injury. Wolter offers a wide range of jib cranes to help you get the right solution for your specific food or beverage applications. Our crane experts can help ensure your units are properly specified, installed and maintained to ensure years of safe, reliable use with minimal downtime.

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Food and beverage conveyors in production, distribution and warehousing all have one goal in mind: move product gently, efficiently and fast. Depending on what you are moving , Wolter can help you determine the best type of conveyor for your application, such as gravity, bucket, vertical or stainless steel systems.

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When food and beverage items need to be moved quickly, delicately, efficiently and are critical for order fulfillment, an automatic palletizer is an ideal solution. It moves goods from the end of the production line onto a pallet in the order the customer needs to unpack the product. It also takes into consideration weight, height and shape of the goods to optimize space and stability in a highly efficient process. As a result, our palletizing solutions conserve space and movement for your operation as well as your customer’s.

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Wolter offers a variety of racking solutions to meet all your warehousing needs. Two of the most popular systems for food and beverage applications are pallet flow racks and drive-in pallet racks. Pallet flow racks store pallets on wheeled tracks or conveyor rollers and are loaded from one side and discharged on the other side. This provides first-in, first-out (FIFO) product movement for efficient inventory control that promotes product freshness. Taller than they are wide, pallet flow racks are very high-density solutions that take up very little floor space. Drive-in pallet racking stores pallets deep within your facility in a FIFO approach. Forklifts can drive into the storage lane and put away pallets from the deep side, ensuring fresh product all the time. Drive-in racking also offers a fully integrated safety system to minimize damage to sensitive products.

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Regulations regarding traceability, sanitation and protection from dust & dirt drive the food and beverage industry. At the same time, you want to optimize your margins by maximizing storage space and facilitating efficient storage and retrieval of ingredients and finished goods. That’s where Wolter’s automated storage solutions come in. We offer vertical lift modules that take all these factors into consideration with temperature control and load control to minimize energy consumption, while providing dust control for product, parts or anything your facility requires. Or, if you need quick access to large, heavy or odd-sized goods, our vertical carousels help you get the job done with a minimal footprint. They enable you to store and dispense rolled and non-rolled products quickly, easily and efficiently. 

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In the food and beverage industries, loading docks are always a flurry of activity. Our complete offering of loading dock equipment from door guards to lighting, wide angle mirrors and more help your operations move efficiently and safely. We even can help you with solutions for temperature-controlled environments. 

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Wolter is your one-stop-shop for all your facility’s material handling needs. From pit-mounted dock lifts to plastic pallets, wire shelving, matting, bins, totes and so much more. To you’re your shopping easier, our digital catalog can be searched by drop down menus, keywords or product number.

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