Save Space With CombiLift

Unlocking 50% More Space: Warehouse Optimization with CombiLift

In the high-speed world of industry, keeping your team safe and your space optimized is key. CombiLift's innovative forklifts are your partners in this mission providing by potentially doubling overall space efficiency in your warehouse. From the Aisle-Master Order Picker to C8 Series Sideloader, CombiLift excels in harnessing the full potential of your warehouse.

  1. Patented, Leading-edge Technology: CombiLift forklifts are equipped with a unique 4-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads. This system gives the user multi-directional capability, delivering possible space savings of up to 50%.

  2. Narrow Aisles, Wide Safety Margins: They're the masters of tight spaces, excelling in aisle widths as narrow as 6.6 feet (2 meters), reducing collisions and creating safe zones for your crew and gear.

  3. Precise Handling with Side-Shift Technology: Equipped with precision tools, CombiLift’s are load-positioning champions, making your workspace a risk-free playground.

  4. Load Stability: Mistakes are costly in business, but Combilift is your trusty sidekick when it comes to safety. Low center of gravity and an integrated platform make carrying heavy loads simple, swift, and safe. No more walking the tightrope with your cargo.

  5. Remote Control Capabilities: CombiLift’s are like magic wands in your operator's hands. They allow for pinpoint maneuvering with a range of up to 164 feet (50 meters), keeping personnel at a safe distance while maintaining precise control.

  6. Efficiency through Fewer Machines: These space-saving sorcerers, reduce machine clutter, and enhance spacious work environments by limiting the number of forklifts in action. By choosing CombiLift’s innovative and multi-purpose design products, you’ll reduce fleet size and ultimately cut costs.

  7. Customizable Solutions: The only time CombiLift make two identical forklifts are when a customer loves their first one so much, they order another. CombiLift can tailor the specification of everything they manufacture according to the individual needs of our customer - Taking every variable into account – warehouse size, aisle width, load size and type, external terrain, climate and even the physical characteristics of your operator.

CombiLift’s are the dream solution for space saving industries. They're here to maximize your space, fortify workplace security, and supercharge operational efficiency. It's your ticket to a world where space is everything!

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