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Order fulfillment solutions from Wolter offer functional and efficient systems accomplished through several different technologies that drive efficiency and accuracy. Utilizing the right technology will enable your facility to be faster, more accurate, safer, and less labor-intensive. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

Pick-to-Light & Put-to-Light

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Order Fulfillment That’s Easy to See


When the order is ready to be fulfilled, the order picker is directed to the location of the item with a ‘light’ and LED display. The display illuminates the quantity to be picked and once the task is complete, requires confirmation or the order will not be complete.


Some companies work in a batch picking environment. Items are picked in batches and brought to a central location where the order picker scans an item and all of the locations or orders that need the item will illuminate with the specified quantity.


Faster Picking Speed

Light Directed, Color Coded, Quantity LED Lighting

Hands-free Operation

Eliminate Order Verification

Ensure the Right System for Your Facility

Wolter offers a variety of pick-to-light order fulfillment systems designed to fit your workers and operation.

  • Cable Connected Pick-to-Light: Connects to any existing or new racking system using a wide variety of displays with 5 or 6 digits, tri-color indicator and up/down display counts
  • Wireless Pick-to-Light: A system designed for on and off-the-shelf items that can be easily attached anywhere in the warehouse or distribution center.
  • Zone less Pick-to-Light: Increase picking throughput with multiple pick workers in the same area. Each pick worker is identified by color allowing the system and the worker to always be in sync.
  • Pick-to-Graph: A universal way of communicating to pick workers is through the use of graphic displays that can replace labels and can quickly change graphic displays when changing item location(s).
  • Sensible Pick-to-Light: Sensor-driven


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A Hands-Free Solution

Voice picking is a hands-free, easy to learn and worker-focused technology for large amounts of SKUs in a warehouse and/or distribution center. With accuracy levels at a 99.5% rate, the voice-directed picking tracks real-time picking and monitors inventory levels.

Each order picker is equipped with a headset with a built-in microphone, mobile device, and optional barcode scanner. The learning process is streamlined and easy to operate as training often takes less than 30 minutes.


Training is 30 minutes or less

5% picking accuracy


Faster picking

No quality control verification

Use the Voice-Directed System for Picking & Put-Away 

  • Voice-Directed Picking: The operator begins the day by instructing the system when they are at their zone or work area. When activated, the first item in the order is communicated verbally over the headset. The order picker is instructed to go to a particular aisle, shelf, bin, and a total of how many items to pick. Once the item is picked, the order picker communicates via voice a command that allows the system to understand that the operation has been completed. Each voice-directed picking system is programmed to recognize voices and commands ensuring accuracy.
  • Voice-Directed Put-Away: The same process applies, except the worker is now putting various products and amounts into a bin, carton, box, or pallet. The worker scans the item where it tells the worker the aisle, shelf, bin, and a total of how many items to put into the container. Once the item is put away, the worker verbally communicates that the operation is complete directly into the built-in microphone. Again, the voice-directed system recognizes the voice and command and allows the worker to move on to the next item.


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