Leasing a forklift fleet is a sound investment, offering businesses the ability to have affordable monthly expenses rather than large upfront costs, and also saves you from the hassle of managing each unit’s maintenance schedule or keeping skilled technicians on staff.

We offer flexible leasing strategies for a variety of businesses. With a comprehensive range of financial plans, lessees can find solutions that best meet their specific objectives. Give yourself the flexibility to regularly adjust your fleet to accommodate changes in technology and your business goals. Whether you need to finance a single unit or lease a complete warehouse fleet, we can structure the appropriate program affordably.

Your Trusted Source for Material Handling Equipment Leasing

Wolter has been a reliable and trusted resource for leasing forklifts and material handling equipment for decades. From small walkies to heavy-duty forklifts, to full-sized railcar movers, you can find an assortment of material handling equipment at your disposable for costs and timeframes that best meet your custom needs. 

Finance Lease for Material Handling Equipment

For the customer who wants immediate ownership of the material handling equipment, but wants to pay for the equipment over an extended period of time. 

Operating Lease

For the customer who wants the lowest monthly payment and intends to return the material handling equipment at lease-end.

Delayed Billing

For the customer who wants to own material handling equipment but cannot allocate capital expenditures in the next six to twelve months. 

Short Term Rental

For the customer who has short-term material handling needs.



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