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As libraries expand into multi-functional spaces, storing materials needs to become more efficient yet can be flexible and ensure maximized space utilization. Wolter has the expertise to provide the latest space-saving solutions for your application. We can help you identify the best library storage solutions so visitors, students or employees can easily find the materials they need quickly. 

Not sure where to get started on your shelving system? Get in touch with a Wolter storage expert.

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Library Storage Solutions for Your Application

Wolter has successfully installed library storage and filing solutions for a number of library applications: Public libraries, school libraries, university libraries, presidential libraries, corporate libraries, legal libraries and more. 

Library Storage & Shelving Solutions Include:

  • Map collection storage
  • Newspaper storage
  • Periodical storage
  • Video & CD archive storage
  • Sample storage
  • Microfilm storage
  • Artwork storage & racks
  • Oversized library material storage
  • Rare book storage
  • Display shelving
  • Mobile book shelving
  • Cantilever shelving
  • Secure storage lockers

Getting started on your library storage project?

We can help you recover a significant portion of floor space and streamlined your libraries retrieval process. Most high-density storage solutions use 50% less space, allowing you to add study carrels, media centers, additional storage and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about library storage. 

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