woman operating linde pallet truck

Looking for a premium yet affordable electric pallet jack?

Linde’s MT Series Electric Pallet Trucks including MT12, MT15  & MT18 offer better ergonomics, safety, durability, and efficiency.

Linde MT12 Features:

  • Lithium-Ion Technology for longer run times
  • 2.5 hour charge time
  • Extremely compact & lightweight
  • All controls located on the ergonomic tiller arm
  • Low-profile chassis allows for dockboard use

 Linde MT15 Features:

  • Automatic Discharge Protection
  • 65AH long-life battery is maintenance-free
  • DC drive motor
  • Low-profile chassis prevents feet from getting under the truck
  • Ergonomic tiller arm for easy operation 

Linde MT18 Features:

  • Lithium-Ion eliminates the issues with lead-acid battery life & charging
  • Superior maneuverability for transport in tight spaces
  • Power traction driving & lifting performance for loads up to 4,000lbs.
  • Operator protection through long, low mounted tiller and low chassis
  • 374 lb. lightweight truck can be used anywhere, even on a mezzanine

With proper training, switching from manual hand pallet jacks to electric pallet trucks can be more efficient, safe, and potentially cost-saving.

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