Solutions Implementation

From production facilities to warehouses and distribution centers, every enterprise faces its own unique operational challenges. That’s what makes our implementation process critical to your success. Our breadth of offerings and expertise enable us to look at your business more holistically. We analyze your workflow as well as the human side of the equation in order to recommend ways to improve throughput and space utilization, while optimizing employee safety and productivity.

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A more fully integrated solution

Because Wolter can help you with everything from material handling equipment, cranes and hoists, storage and handling systems, to automation, robotics, standby power and more, we deliver a level of integrated efficiency, you won’t find elsewhere.

It Starts With a Thorough Workflow Assessment

Workflow analysis or assessment is essential to any technology implementation. Regardless of industry, we begin by asking strategically what you want to accomplish. Once established, our team observes your overall current workflow with the following steps in mind:

  • Look at what equipment is used and how it’s used.
  • Analyze how many people are required and what tasks they perform.
  • Record what technology is in place.
  • Identify the level of technical staff needed. 

We monitor how the operation functions both from a people and an equipment standpoint and flag any areas of concern. Then, our team recommends the most highly integrated solution available to accelerate your operational productivity, enhance employee safety and minimize your operating costs.

Throughout the entire process, Wolter works in close collaboration with your entire team to ensure all concerns and issues are identified, addressed and met.

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Ergonomic Analysis Optimizes Employee Performance

Efficiency, speed and control are all critical elements to a worker’s performance. If any of these are compromised, that’s when errors and fatigue set in. The best way to maximize an individual’s performance is with ergonomics. We look for what is the best and most efficient way for an employee to move within existing or new processes to preserve energy, wear and tear on the human body and provide a variety of movements to minimize repetition. All of this also helps ensure employees are working safely and with more ease, contributing to job satisfaction. 

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Systems Integration Is Key

The more fully integrated your solution, the more efficient your operation will be. Through our diverse range of offerings and expertise, Wolter delivers a truly comprehensive turnkey solution. We make sure your people, equipment and technology work together seamlessly. 

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Ongoing Support

At Wolter, we understand that a successful implementation consists of more than just installing the right solution. It takes careful planning to minimize disruption during the implementation. It also includes responsive service and support after the installation is complete to ensure you realize the long-term return on investment you anticipated.



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