Studies & Analysis

LEAN Six Sigma principles are incorporated by many of the most successful companies on the planet for one very good reason. They work. Replacing guesswork with fact-based decision making. From audits to analysis, Wolter’s Engineered Systems team will help you implement data-driven decisions to improve productivity, safety and operational efficiency.

Broad Range of Expertise

The Wolter assessment team can help you quantify opportunities in everything from space utilization, automation, material handling and overhead crane systems to proper generator sizing requirements.

Experience Matters

Our seasoned professionals know what they’re looking for and how to efficiently gather and analyze the data needed to help you more effectively manage your operations.

Consultative Approach

We’re so confident that we can help advance your productivity that in many cases, our processes begin with a free walk through of your facility to help you recognize potential problems and opportunities in a timely, cost-effective way.

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Space Utilization Survey

From warehouse and distribution centers to the plant floor and the front office, Wolter’s space utilization experts can quantify your current utilization rates and recommend ways to help you significantly increase your density without expanding your footprint.

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Plant & Warehouse Survey

Wolter helps you get the most out of every cubic foot by helping performance-match equipment, automated solutions, racking systems and more to your facility’s unique operational requirements and challenges.

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Material Flow Analysis

Discover how to move materials throughout your facility faster and more cost effectively. Wolter’s material handling consultants can help you with state-of-the-art solutions for everything from conveyors, sorters, palletizing, order fulfillment and more.

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Automation Evaluations

Not sure if automation and systems integration is practical for your operation? The Wolter Engineered Systems team can help you assess your opportunities, from stand-alone intelligent work cells to a fully integrated facility. That way you can automate and integrate at a rate that makes the most sense for your business.

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Crane Systems Design Services

The key to crane system success is all about matching the capacities and crane type to the task, including projected needs. Our crane specialists help ensure you have the right equipment for your overhead crane needs as well as hoist and lift systems throughout your operation.

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Generator Sizing Audits

When your power fails, it is not the time to find out if you have enough back-up power to keep your facility operating at peak capacity. Our generator experts can work with you using highly respected generator sizing audit software to ensure you always have all the power you need to conduct business as usual.

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Fleet Studies & Consultation

Our productivity experts utilize Statistical Fleet Census and material flow studies to determine the “right-sized” fleet and overall layout to optimize your fleet performance while minimizing expense.

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Ergonomics Evaluation

Investing in the health of your employees ensures increased productivity and improves the workplace environment. Learn how you can help protect your personnel and product to maximize your bottom line with a Wolter Ergonomic Evaluation. 

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