Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators

Enhance your company's training program. Virtual reality forklift simulator training is here and can give your employees and temporary workers hands-on training from the comfort of your facility.

Whether training first-timers or challenging experienced operators with advanced training, Wolter's virtual reality forklift simulators allow the operator to either sit in a simulator or right at a desktop equipped with goggles and realistic controls. 

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Forklift Simulator Training For All Levels of Experience

Based on the experience of the student, the software will take the operator through the right training session(s) with clear HD recordings that can be played back as often as the forklift operator needs until the information is fully comprehended and applied in simulation. 

Forklift operators can practice the same or multiple simulation configurations. The additional practice time ensures that the newly acquired skills can be easily transferred to their warehouse, ensuring great productivity with minimal damage to the warehouse, products or forklift. 

Once the virtual reality simulation training is complete to the satisfaction of the certified forklift instructor, the operator applies the skills to the actual forklift in production. 

VR Forklift Simulator Rental Options

  • Rent for a day, week, or month. Use it for safety training or department meetings, or purchase a setup to have the flexibility of training whenever you need it.
  • Rent for a month or longer. Use it for operator or pedestrian training, new hire introduction, or purchase a setup to have the flexibility of training whenever you need it.


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