Pallet Rack Made for Refrigerated & Cold Storage Warehouses

Refrigerated warehousing and cold storage are essential to the food supply chain industry.

The demands of the cold and frozen food market are growing daily, leading to a higher need for refrigerated warehouses and increased storage space. More so, businesses are seeking high-density storage systems that take into account the timeliness required by perishables food items.

What many cold storage warehouses need is design flexibility and a pallet rack system that can easily expand as demand increases. Additionally, freezer and cooler storage pallet rack withstand some of the most severe forklift abuse in warehouse material handling. This can be attributed to a number of factors including limited space, slick surfaces, and cold temperatures ranging from 31° down to -20°F causing slower driver reflexes, making forklift impact more frequent.

The Cold Storage Solution

With cold storage pallet racking solutions, you will not only maximize your storage density in your temperature-controlled storage spaces but also withstand rough forklift handling with minimal maintenance or downtime, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership over the product lifetime.

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