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As Temperatures Rise, Electric Trucks Keep Their Cool

It’s challenging to keep your cool, especially when working with 14 furnaces in a 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse, all burning at 2,200 degrees. After 125 years, Larson Forgings, located in Chicago, Illinois continues to burn bright serving critical industries such as aircraft engine manufacturers, oil patch suppliers, petrochemical and power generating companies.

Larson Forgings provides a specialized manufacturing process that changes the shape and form of metal, which means they need heavy-duty forklifts that can take the heat.

Electric Forklifts for Harsh Applications

For the past eight years, Bill Montanye, Maintenance Manager, and Jeff Cerbie, VP of Operations, for Larson Forgings have been happily running large capacity Linde electric forklifts. However, Jeff recently found himself needing to add a more compact forklift to his fleet.

When it came time to find the right solution, Jeff worked closely with Wolter, in order to determine the best forklift for the task at hand. Due to the harsh environment, it was a must to look into an electric forklift to avoid hazardous emissions in the compact space.

Wolter suggested that Jeff consider the Linde E18, a 3-wheel electric forklift known for its high efficiency and durability in harsh applications.

Additionally, the greatly reduced maintenance costs and longer runtimes of Linde electric forklifts provide a lower total cost of ownership, which Bill believes is necessary when working in a severe application.

With these considerations in mind, the decision was made to incorporate the Linde E18 3-wheel counterbalanced forklift, equipped with a 3,500lb capacity and custom forks, spanning a length of 70.5”, providing ease of maneuverability into hot furnaces.

Making a Great Pair

For this specific application, Larson Forgings paired the new Linde E18 with their RX60-25 Linde forklift to work in tandem. The Linde E18 reaches its extended forks into the furnace, while the Linde RX60-25 uses its Cascade manipulator, a custom made clamp, which rotates the forgings within the furnace and allows the skilled metalworker to then remove and transport the forging to its next station.

Why Two?

The process requires maximum maneuverability as the forklift makes three tight turns to reach each of the furnaces. The Linde RX60-25 rotating Cascade manipulator is responsible for twisting and turning the heavy metal, therefore needing more weight to stabilize the mass extending in front of the forklift. Each has a demanding task and lives up to its capabilities.

What's Next

All of the Linde forklifts are used over 2 shifts per day, and considering their processes of both work and idle time, the truck’s batteries are recharged once every three days. The Company foresees little to no change in the current routine when they switch out the remaining 2 diesel forklifts in the fleet to electric trucks next year. Once complete, every department from saw to shipping will be running electric forklifts vs. LP or Diesel forklifts, providing a safe, clean and more efficient environment.

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