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Blue Safety Lights are Top Pick at Anderson Corporation

Andersen Corporation, the largest window and door manufacturer in North America, employing over 9,000 people, challenges its employees annually to improve workplace safety, quality, cost, and other metrics. When it comes to safety, the corporation recognizes the best safety initiative each year with the Chairman’s Safety Award presented to different facilities. This award promotes and recognizes safety leadership, innovation, and achievement. An award-winning initiative must be innovative, impactful, and sustainable, engage employees and ideally become a best practice across the Andersen Corporation enterprise.

In 2014, Wolter introduced the Menomonie, WI production facility to the Blue Safety Light option. This technology was a no-brainer for Andersen Corporation as they immediately began implementing this throughout their facility.

The Blue Safety Light is a highly visible blue-colored spotlight typically engaged when the forklifts are reversing. When the truck is moving, blue spotlights are projected onto the floor about 10-15 feet behind the forklift, alerting pedestrians and other moving vehicles that there are machines approaching.

These lights notify others where there are obstructed views or blind spots, like aisle ways and in-between pallet racking.

After installing the lights on the rear of their Linde forklifts, the Menomonie facility took the idea further. They decided to install blue lights on the front of the forklifts. No matter what direction the truck is moving, there is a blue light to notify that a vehicle is approaching. Wolter added a blue light to the floor scrubber and a robotic stretch wrapper, making those two machines much more visible.

Sometimes warehouse personnel gets numb to horns and floor signs used day in and day out. Blue lights added to vehicles resulted in better visibility for high-risk activity, with a moving signal that draws attention. So when Andersen Corporation requested facilities to apply for the 2014 Chairman’s Safety Award, the Menomonie facility presented what they titled ‘The Blue Light Special.’

The project won the award, presented at the facility by Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Jay Lund on February 27, 2015. Not only were Andersen Corporation employees recognized at this celebration, but so was Wolter for their recommending and installing these innovative safety devices. Another example of Wolter brings more than forklifts and how we accelerate your productivity in material handling.

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