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Switching to Electric Forklifts Reduced Maintenance Costs by 50%

Conveniently located in Chicago, Illinois, Midwest Canvas supplies pool covers, high performance packaging materials and construction supplies all across the United States. The manufacturer relies on its employees to continuously search for better ways to perform their operations in order to maximize efficiency and quality.
That’s exactly what Donnie Lytton, Facilities Manager, did for its forklift operation.

Wolter: How has Wolter contributed to your operation?

Donnie, Midwest Canvas: Our operation reflects the demands of our customers. At any point in time, we can have approximately 9-10 forklifts moving pallets from production, warehouse, staging, shipping to loading. Forklifts are an integral part of our business.

Wolter: Tell us about your operation and what you were aiming to accomplish?

Donnie, Midwest Canvas: As you know, Midwest Canvas always looks for ways to be more efficient, saving us and our customer’s time and money. Our forklift repair costs were very high as they were in need of constant attention. As we look back at our cost savings over the past year, since using electric forklifts for the first time, we saved on average 50%.

Wolter: How many forklifts did you purchase?

Donnie, Midwest Canvas: We decided to lease 4 new electric Linde forklifts. We wanted to lease forklifts that took advantage of the new technologies offered in the industry: cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Wolter: Your previous forklifts were gas and the new Linde’s are indoor/outdoor electric forklifts. How has the change affected your business?

Donnie, Midwest Canvas: Wolter told us about the benefits of electric forklift technology. We wanted to take advantage of what electric forklifts have to offer. As we are working indoors moving pallets from production to shipping, electric forklifts maintain a cleaner environment. As we push the limits of the Linde forklifts during busy season, they’ve lived up to their promise of long run-times on a single battery charge, by powering through 12 hour shifts each day without a problem.

Wolter: Was it difficult to change operationally now that the forklifts need to be recharged?

Donnie, Midwest Canvas: It was an easy transition. When we’re done with the forklifts for the day, they go in to be charged so they’re ready to go again the next day. It’s really that simple.

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