Kitting and packaging robots from Wolter can be used to prepare parts for an upcoming part later in the production process, or they can create product assortments for a variety of industries. The kitting robot has the flexibility to individually take parts of assorted sizes and weight from various bins, and accurately assembles the pieces. Once complete, the assembled part can be taken to the production line for utilization.

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How does the kitting robot work?

As the kitting robot is precisely timed, an AGC (Automated Guided Cart) can be programmed to schedule a stop at each of the intelligent workcells to replenish low inventory goods or parts for a continuous working environment. 

All kitting robots are collaborative robots, meaning they can work alongside the kitting robots to perform more complex operations. If production workers get too close to the kitting robot, it will slow its process until clear, then resume its normal speed.

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How are kitting robots programmed?

Programming can be easily accomplished with a series of screens to reflect any changes to the kitting process. The easy-to-use systems take changes from days to hours or even minutes to make updates. 

Additionally, to replenish goods or parts used for kitting, our robotic pick and place system solution and automated guided cart can be used in conjunction.


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