Product testing is a tedious and repetitive task, yet is a critical step in safely releasing a new product. Utilizing collaborative robots – also known as cobots - provides the consistency of testing each product needs to ensure they function at their best. 

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How do Product Testing Robots Work?

Within testing environments, collaborative robotic arms are mounted onto an AGC (Automated Guided Cart) and can be programmed to move product to product, station to station, and move to the various areas based on what you need to accomplish. 

The cobot arm can work independently or alongside the QA or product specialist with sensors allowing for a safe human-to-robot collaboration. The operator can control the robotic arm in manual mode with a touchscreen control panel, altering the smallest to largest movements needed to complete a task. If the new task is to be part of the overall routine, the system can be easily adjusted to reflect the change. All motions of the collaborative robot are recorded and completed through a series of screens simulating the movements.

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Additional advantages to utilizing robotics in a product testing environment include:

  • Quick installation & programming (within a matter of hours)
  • Better consistency & accuracy
  • Increased productivity & process optimization
  • Allows your workforce to focus on more meaningful tasks

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