Generator & Transfer Switches

In-Stock Generac Generators to Prepare You for the Spring Install Surge!

This year, We Energies reported the most power outages in the Midwest in the last 50 years. Tens of thousands of customers may lose power this spring. Contact us today to stock up on generators & transfer switches in time for the Spring Surge.

Edited-4_5L-NA.png IN-STOCK NOW! Industrial Generators:
  • Natural Gas 35kW generator with enclosure
  • Natural Gas 60kW generator with enclosure
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GS7171.png IN-STOCK NOW! Residential Generators:
  • 10kW - 26kW (120/240 1 Phase), Air cooled
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
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protector-c1-gas-left.png IN-STOCK NOW! Commercial Generators:
  • Diesel 15kW - 150kW
  • Natural Gas 22kW - 150kW, Liquid Cooled
  • 20kW (120/208 3 phase), Air Cooled
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TXSeries_TransferSwitches_2020-sm.png IN-STOCK NOW! Transfer Switches:
  • Industrial transfer switches from 100 - 600 Amp
  • Residential transfer switches from 100 - 200 Amp
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Subject to stock availability

Stock Up NOW Before the Spring Surge!