Linde 1276 Series

Make the Change from IC to Electric with LINDE 1276 Series Forklifts

Electric forklifts save on fuel, tire wear, & maintenance costs compared to IC forklifts. Convert to electric today with the Linde E30S & E35SH from the 1276 series. In-stock now!

  • Fuel Cost Savings: undeniable ROI (most often within 18 mo.)
  • Tire Wear Savings: 50-70% greater wear
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership than IC
  • Scheduled maintenance savings costs: Lower operating cost per hour than IC
  • No emissions issues
  • Combi-Axle offers support with high maneuverability & residual capacity
  • Energy Efficient Drive-Axle utilizes dual-drive motor design, maintenance-free service breaks
  • Linde Load Control (LLC) provides safe & efficient load handling
  • Ergonomic Linde Operator Compartment includes spacious foot room & a flip-up armrest with operational controls
  • Flexible Battery Handling thanks to a 180-degree opening door, side discharge with crane or pickup with forks, & an easy-to-reach quick disconnect button
  • Nested mast rails for ideal visibility
  • Capacity: 6,000 - 7,000 lbs.
  • Electric: 80V battery
Learn more about how IC forklifts compare to Electric forklifts.

Linde 1276 Series: E30S & E35SH

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