Vertical Pallet Dispensers

The compact-sized vertical pallet dispenser (also known as vertical pallet stacker) from Wolter helps boost safety within your facility through a secure stacking method, meaning stacks of pallets won't fall. There is minimal to no touching and zero dropped pallets while putting it away or getting it ready for use. 

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Pallet Dispensing Systems

Industrial pallet dispensing systems including vertical pallet dispensers or vertical pallet stackers, dispense pallets without electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power. 

The vertical pallet stacker runs on a simple 12v DC battery power system eliminating energy consumption and only uses the power it need - when you need it. 

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Vertical Pallet Dispensing
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Expanded Pallet Dispensing Productivity 
  • Ability to dispense a pallet every 10 seconds
  • Operator is able to reload pallet stacks without getting off the forklift
  • Reduced pallet storage floor space requirements 
  • Can dispense to single or double deep walkie riders
Most Secure Pallet Dispenser
  • Minimizes Hand and Back Injuries from Manual Pallet Handling
  • Eliminates Damage From Dropping Pallets onto Floor
  • Unique Pallet Containment Mechanism
  • Zero Stored Energy at Rest
  • Industry Leading Risk Assessment
  • Improved Workforce Morale
  • Helps Lower Insurance Premiums
Fewer Utilities
  • Simple 12V DC Battery Power System
  • Eliminates Cost of Running Electrical Power Supply
  • Zero ($2 per year) Ongoing Energy Consumption Costs
  • Relocate in 2 hours


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