Warehousing and distribution centers are always on the move. However, best practices vary depending on your unique operational environment and requirements. Wolter’s Integrated System’s team can help you design and implement the right mix of automated as well as traditional solutions to optimize your expediency, accuracy and on-time shipping, while easily scaling to accommodate your evolving needs.

Benefits of Effective Design & Planning

Maximize your storage capacity

Optimize throughput

Ensure proper ergonomics & pallet rack safety

Improve inventory accuracy

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Wolter helps you make the most of every cubic inch

Density, throughput, order accuracy and safety are critical to your operation’s profitability. Our warehouse and distribution experts have a proven track record of helping companies reimagine their existing warehouses and distribution centers, as well as design and implement new projects from the ground up. Wolter’s breadth of offering and expertise at integrating every component you need helps you optimize your space –as well as your ROI.

A Proven Process for Success

Distribution center and warehouse layout design and planning can be a daunting task. That’s why our approach breaks the process down into manageable steps. Plus, our team works closely with you throughout the process to help you avoid pitfalls, setbacks and headaches.

1. Site Assessment

Projects typically begin here, so our team can get an idea of current processes, areas of concern and your overall goals and objectives. This helps us get an accurate, quantifiable picture of where your operation is currently. Turnkey services available include:

  • 3-D Facility Surveying & Mapping
  • WMS/WCS/WES/Control/Execution/Systems
  • Fleet & Asset Management Tracking Solutions
  • Rack Repair Surveys
  • Dimensioning (SWD)
2. Concepting & Initial Planning

We incorporate proven, state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions that best meet your operation’s situation into a conceptual drawing AutoCAD layout showing both plan view and elevation view. It can include:

  • Oversite & Management Solutions
    • Order Management
    • Error Proofing
    • Optimization
    • Put away
    • Dashboard & Reporting
    • Mobile Device Accessibility
    • Direct Real-Time ERP
    • Seamless Interfaces
  • Facility Floor Solutions
    • Intelligent Kitting
    • Smart Picking
    • Pick to Light
    • Pick to Voice
    • Cartonization Software
    • Real-Time Inventory & Order
    • End-to-End Robotic Integration
  • Distribution Streamlining Solutions
    • Scan-Weigh
    • Print & Apply Labeling
    • Conveyor Controls
    • High-Speed Sortation
    • Containerization
  • Transparency Solutions
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Vision Systems
    • RFID
    • Inkjet Controls
  • Custom Solutions
    • Custom Software
    • Custom Labeling
    • Custom AMR & AGV Controlled Equipment & Interfaces
3. Client Review & Feedback

Your satisfaction is important to us; that’s why we built client adjustments into our process.

4. Project Proposal

We take all of our learnings and feedback to deliver an actionable proposal that demonstrates how recommendations help achieve desired goals, complete with an itemized cost estimate for the entire project.

5. Project Management

5. Project Management

In order to effectively implement the outlined solutions, we establish pre-determined touchpoints and milestones throughout the process to keep clients apprised on progress.

6. Ongoing Support

As a total productivity solutions provider, our extended team is here to support your operations throughout the lifespan of your equipment –and beyond.



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