Automation Evaluations & Systems Integration

When most senior leadership and operations professionals hear automation and systems integration, three things typically come to mind: big ticket, complicated and time consuming to implement. But the reality is technology is simply a tool to help you make the absolute most of your people, processes and facilities. It’s the job of our automation and systems integration specialists to ensure that these undertakings are practical, easy to implement and deliver a solid ROI in the shortest possible time. It all starts with an evaluation.

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What Does an Automation Evaluation Involve?

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Workflow Assessment

Workflow analysis or assessment is the place to start for any technology implementation. Regardless of industry, we’ll start by asking what you want to accomplish strategically. Once goals are established, our team begins by observing your overall current workflow. We monitor how the operation functions both in terms of people and equipment. We flag any areas of opportunity. Throughout this process all the way through completion, we work in collaboration with your entire team to ensure all goals, concerns and issues are identified, addressed and met.

Before we can provide recommendations on how automation and systems integration can help your operation, we identify, quantify and assess three fundamental aspects of workflow.

  • Review all current workflow processes

  • Identify the number of workers involved in each process and the specific tasks they are required to perform

  • Evaluate the availability and involvement of technical staff to support all processes

Ergonomic Assessment

Your company has put a lot of time and effort into developing best processes and procedures in order to get the work done or orders fulfilled. Putting the human factor into the equation takes into consideration elements such as height and endurance of each employee.

  • Efficiency, speed, and control are all critical elements to a worker’s performance

  • If any are compromised, that’s when errors and fatigue set in

  • The best way to maximize an individual’s performance is with ergonomics – what is the best and most efficient way for an employee to move within your existing or new processes to preserve energy, wear and tear on the human body and provide a variety of movements to minimize repetition

Wolter takes these factors into consideration to develop a human performance plan that is healthy and efficient for each employee today and in the future. Our team can work on human performance as a standalone project within your current processes or combine it with our workflow assessment services. However, with any Wolter project engagement, we’ll always include human performance as we understand how vital it is to ensure the comfort, efficiency and end result of each employee and worker.

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Leverage Technology to Optimize Productivity

Whether you’re looking at a single work cell or an entire organization, our automation & systems integration specialists have the experience with technologies that can elevate your game – no matter how large or small the operation. 

  • Automated material transport
  • Collaborative robotic work cells
  • Conveyors & sortation
  • Packaging line automation
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Robotic machine loading, unloading & tending
  • Automated case & bin picking
  • Pick & place automation
  • Automated kitting & assembly
  • Tow cart solutions
  • Robotic palletizing & depalletizing

These solutions are documented to improve productivity, as well as worker health and safety. They offer a surprisingly rapid return on investment. Plus, they can provide you with serious competitive advantages. Be sure to talk to our automation & integration specialists to determine which solutions make the most sense for your operation.

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