Explore Accessibility of Automation with Mark Bogaczyk at CWIMA's industry 4.0 Event

Join us at the upcoming Central Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Industry 4.0 Event in Rothschild, WI - Tues, April 23rd at 1:00pm (Breakout Room #1) to explore the future of automation with Mark Bogaczyk, VP General Manager of Integrated Solutions at Wolter, Inc.
Mark will delve into how automation is becoming more accessible to organizations of all sizes and industries, drawing from his extensive 20+ years of industry experience and Wolter's recent endeavors.

During the session, Mark will cover:

  • Market buzz and trends
  • Who's REALLY doing what - globally and in our own backyards
  • Are we ahead or behind the curve?
  • Real Examples - How are organizations being successful?   What have been the challenges?
  • Proven paths to success and pitfalls to avoid

While the focus will be Warehouse Automation, these insights apply to any part of your operation.

Register to attend the Central Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Industry 4.0 Event at the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center and empower your organization with the knowledge to thrive in the age of automation!