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Whether you're a consulting engineer or electrical contractor, Wolter's Power System's group provides tools and engineer resources for power professionals - helping expedite the design and sizing process for your next project. 

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Generac Industrial Power Design Pro
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Generac Industrial Power Design Pro
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Power Design Pro

Need to size a generator for your current or future application? In partnering with Generac, we have access to the most powerful tool in the industry to assist you. Let us introduce you to Generac Industrial Power Design Pro.

This generator design software is a one-stop solution center, equipping you with algorithms that accurately model a load’s true characteristics and include full harmonic and transient analysis to ensure complete generator to load compatibility. 

In addition to state-of-the-art generator sizing & analysis, the software includes:

  • Spec sheets
  • Installation drawings
  • Emissions information
  • Exhaust sizing
  • Pad layout tool

Generac's Power Design Pro software is a free tool for contractors & engineers. Contact us to try it today. 

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Generac On Demand Webinars
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On-Demand Webinars by Generac

Through our partnership with Generac Industrial Power, we are able to connect you with Generac's on-demand webinar series. 

Checkout the library of webinars available from Generac here.

Downloads: Installation, Guidelines & Checklists

Industrial Installer's Guide

Installation guide for stationary industrial standby generators. (Gas or Diesel)

Download Guide

Natural Gas Guidelines

Natural gas supply system design guide for Generac Industrial Spark Ignited Generators. 

Download Guide

Gas Supply Checklist

List of items to consider for a safe & accurate installation of the gas supply for spark ignited generators.

Download Checklist

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