Load Bank Testing

A load bank is a self-contained, systematic device, designed to supply a controlled electrical load to a given power source. It allows our technicians to accurately mimic the “real life” operational loads an emergency power supply, such as a standby generator, might experience during a loss of normal power (utility). 

By conducting a load bank test at generator start-up, our technicians can confirm the equipment will perform, as designed, should the need arise. 

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Thumbnail for Load Bank Testing
Thumbnail for Load Bank Testing

Is Load Testing Required?

In some cases, a load bank test may be required to satisfy certain local and national code authorities. The National Fire Protection Association, for example, maintains several standards that pertain directly to standby generators and automatic transfer switches. 

NFPA 110, the standard for emergency and standby power systems, details three categories: class, type, and level. Each category must be defined in order to ensure the correct equipment is supplied and in compliance.

Wolter has state-of-the-art equipment and trained technicians to perform your load bank testing needs.

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