Whether it's critical evidence, weapons, fire department equipment or storage needed for personal items, Wolter has a storage locker to meet your needs. We work with law enforcement, military, fire stations, courthouses, and many other public safety environments to provide the best storage lockers to keep items safe and secure. 

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Thumbnail for Evidence Locker
Thumbnail for Evidence Locker
Thumbnail for Evidence Locker

Evidence Lockers

Maintain the chain of custody with secure and highly durable pass-thru or non-pass-thru lockers. Evidence lockers are made of steel and designed to provide direct transfer of custody from the officer to the evidence vault. 

Types of Evidence Lockers Include:

  • Pass-Thru Evidence Locker: The lockers are built into the wall, evidence is deposited from the user side then retrieved from the control side. The rear door then allows the evidence to be removed and the locker openings reset. 

  • Non Pass-Thru Evidence Locker: The evidence is deposited and accessed only from the user side, and master keyed so that evidence can only be retrieved from authorized personnel. 

Choose from 20+ locker door configurations to accommodate all types of evidence storage. Refrigerated Evidence Pass-Thru and Non-Pass Thru lockers are also available.

Thumbnail for Duty Bag Lockers
Thumbnail for Duty Bag Lockers

Duty Bag Lockers

Duty bag lockers are designed for large duty bag and tactical equipment, and are regularly found in police stations, fire stations and military applications. The lockers are made of steel or laminate and are designed to primarily hold duffle bags. 

Feature of Duty Bag Lockers Include: 

  • Wide range of dimension & configuration options
  • Heavy-duty 14 & 16 gauge steel 
  • Durable, load bearing bottom drawer option 
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Weapons & Firearm Lockers
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Weapons & Firearm Lockers

When it comes to weapons storage, elevated security and readiness are of great importance. Firearms lockers and weapons lockers are used in government agencies, police departments, court facilities, and security departments. 

The durable, steel firearm lockers are to designed to hold both handguns and long guns with options such as:

  • Mounted or in a wall
  • Variety of steel thickness to accommodate the level of required security. 

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Personal Duty & Gear Lockers
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Personal Duty & Gear Lockers

Personal duty and gear lockers are typically utilized in police stations, fire stations, SWAT, military, prison systems, and government agencies. 

Personal duty and gear lockers are made of durable steel and offered in numerous widths and heights. They can also be equipped with a built-in bench option to makes the lockers more space-efficient.   

The interior of the locker can be configured with the following: 

  • Locking compartments
  • Drawers & Adjustable shelves
  • Drying racks
  • Mirrors
  • Hooks & Coat rods
  • Electric outlets & Ventilation

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First Responders Gear & Personnel Lockers
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First Responder Gear & Personnel Lockers

Firefighters, EMTS and paramedics and other first responders need to have their gear readily available and organized at all times. 

These lockers are designed for first responders requiring emergency access to their gear as well as a place to safekeep personal items while on the job. 

First Responder Lockers types include:

  • Gear Equipment Lockers: Providing storage for preassembled bags and other gear in a locked cabinet.
  • Personal Storage Lockers: For personal items and clothing


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